If you really want to spruce up your stardoll profile one of the best things you can do is use a custom presentation. Since so many people asked for it we put together a pretty awesome stardoll presentation generator that you can use to build and then download your own custom presentations.
So without further ado we are happy to announce the launch of our Free Stardoll Presentation Builder Tool! The way it works is with a GUI or dashboard interface where you can select images from your computer, colors, fonts ect and build a fully custom presentation for stardoll.

We will have a video tutorial made and added to the website for all of you that want a step by step walkthrough, just stay tuned! The best way to create a stardoll presentation is to start with a blank or raw html template that has the type of layout you want.  Then you can use the basic html skills to customize it with colors, images, text and more. For a complete list of updated stardoll presentations you can visit the free presentations category on our website. It’s pretty self explanatory once you open up the software you just need to make sure that when you are done you click EXPORT to download your presentation code.

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