Premium products created with a vision for every user of Microsoft Office.Since our launch in 2003, 123OfficeMedia has pioneered the design and creation of professional media resources and applications that allow users of Microsoft Office applications to improve and increase their document creation and productivity. As a result, we have produced over 10,000 media products and been responsible for creating and setting several standards which have been copied and used as the basis for the creation of templates and designs by creators and designers around the world. In addition to the development and creation of standards now recognized globally for template layout and design, 123OfficeMedia has always been the first to create innovative products for users of Microsoft Office. Professional presentation, document and publishing images123OfficeMedia create and produce professional high-end photos and images for use in Microsoft Office applications.
Unique custom designed fonts and typefacesA brand profile, logo or design can be distinct but a unique and custom designed font underlines a brands distinction and creates a unique presence.
Each sound comes with an online preview tool that let you preview the sound using the built in player with a nice and modern equalization display. Sound Bible is another free resource where you can download PowerPoint Sounds Effects and Clips. There are lot of other free resources that you can check if you are searching for PowerPoint sounds and music effects to decorate your slides. Our friends at JewelBeat have provided us with a range of free PowerPoint Music Loops for you to use in your presentations.
These loops are all around a minute long and can be looped in PowerPoint to create a more continuous cycle. This is an uplifting all round PowerPoint Music loop that could be used for a variety of different presentations.

This is a vocal and chilled piece of music with a number of female voices as well as some cymbals and percussion.
If you like these music loops, please leave a message below saying how you are intending to use it. I would like to use the Crime Investigators track for an ecard to be put up on our website. I too, am wondering if it is alright (copyright wise) to use these loops for presentations and videos. Royalty free music loops are superb for websites, flash sites, CD-roms, PowerPoint presentations, DVD menus, etc. To create and make acessible the world's leading and highest quality media resources for presenters and document creators everywhere.
Standards such as the 3 slide template layout principle in PowerPoint and the 3 page standardized document template layout for Word.
With professional template layouts and designs ideal for every document, report or publication.
Our designers and typographers design and create unique fonts and typefaces for individuals and organizations who demand distinction.>> Learn more about our custom font and typeface designs. You can insert sound loops and cliparts to decorate your presentations or even add a nice background music while playing the slide show.
You can browse free sound effects and clips for your presentations including sounds like explossion effects, a few firecrackers, adding machine, school fire alarm, energy pulse and more.

They have a Creative Commons section with lot of different sounds that you can download and use in your PowerPoint presentations, as long as you reference the author or add attribution. It could be used alongside a photo album or as a placeholder while you have to do something else. It has a bit of a tropical beach feel, as if you are near to the water and is quite relaxing. Allowing presenters and document creators to not only find the ideal design but also the optimal colour palette for their presentation and publishing needs.
Here are some resources where you can download free music and sound loops for PowerPoint Presentations. If you have seen boring PPT presentations with people snoring, and drooling on their desk then you can add some sounds and music to make the difference.
It is a bit like the style of music that they use in films where people are walking along – particularly in an animated sequence.
It is vaguely reminiscent of some of the music that you get in the background of some of those retro platform computer games – like Tetris.
It could be used while you, say, reveal the winners of a competition, or when an award winner goes up on to the stage to collect a prize.

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