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If you should find that our service does not meet your needs, please contact us within 30 days for a refund. Start downloading any of our templates and graphics immediately upon completion of your order. Lately we’ve been discussing the Principle of Placement, one of the rules underlying business intelligence dashboard design. By the way, if the name Allan Wille sounds familiar, he is the author of the above-mentioned article in CIO Today that discussed the rules of dashboarding.
As you can see from this very appealing dashboard, this company really knows what it is doing in terms of  UI design. Thanks goes to the Dashboard Spy Reader who sent me the link to the pdf from Oracle titled Plant Manager’s Dashboard. Here’s a quick screengrab from the pdf, but page down for a listing of the operational metrics used. The recent focus on sales dashboards and metrics have triggered exactly that effect and so today’s post also has to do with tracking sales performance.
Here’s an example of an executive dashboard for management of sales channel information.
The number of projects in the pipeline should be highest at the lead stage, and gradually reduce towards the bottom.
The probability of conversion is automatically calculated by On2Biz, based on the history of conversion of the particular sales person, product category or sales team for which the pipeline report was generated. The shape of the funnel indicates the rate of conversion of projects along the different milestones. The critical conversion ratios to watch are the top and bottom – conversion of leads to opportunities, and order conversion. Had we used the conventional method of measuring performance only on value of orders converted, the second sales person would have been considered a better performer than the first. Note: Hey, Dashboard Spies!: Do you know how smart you are getting by reading The Dashboard Spy?
Here is a sales pipeline dashboard packed with plenty of sales and marketing KPIs to study. The first screenshot shows an overall sales dashboard view with emphasis on the sales pipeline. If you are on an enterprise dashboard project, do yourself a favor and take a look at Enterprise Dashboards: Design and Best Practices for IT, the only book on actually implementing enterprise dashboards.
Dashboards By ExampleLearning how to design, implement and manage business intelligence dashboards is best done by example. Studying actual production implementations of business dashboards, enterprise reporting systems, excel dashboards and other business intelligence interfaces is the way to best leverage our collective experience.

Whether you are a business intelligence developer, graphic designer, business subject matter expert, project manager, executive sponsor, information visualization expert, database administrator or dashboard user, you'll find examples of the good, the bad and the ugly. More Dashboard TemplatesJoin the Dashboard Spy email newsletter at no cost and receive a series of free dashboard templates.
Project leaders and developers have written Hubert thanking him for saving them hours of development time with his HTML templates. Note: You will receive HTML templates for your development team as well as icons and examples of great dashboard design. Vector art of successful management silhouettes, looking at the director and their colleagues at staff meeting, with cups of coffee, laptop computers and notebooks on the conference table. Just insert your presentation text, pictures and contents into the slides and you are ready for your impressive business presentation or a personal slideshow.
Professional PPT Presentation Templates with unique slide design, themes, layout and high quality backgrounds are easy to use.
To make it easier to find what you need, we've broken them down premium templates into different categories. Note the sales pipeline centric collection of metrics: Changes in web traffic sources and visits, Newest Sales Opportunities, Sales Representative Performance Metrics, Pipeline figures, and contact information. This really helps out another Dashboard Spy reader who was recently assigned to a manufacturing plant analytics project. Pipeline – Pipeline indicates value and number of projects that are currently at various milestones. New – Indicates the number of new projects that have arrived at the corresponding milestone in the report period selected (1 month). No new projects indicates that the sales process may be taking too long, or that there is not enough activity. Inactive – Indicates the number of projects that are inactive for more than 1 week (or period specified in configuration) at the time the report is generated. Average Project Value – Indicates the average value of projects at the corresponding milestone.
When comparing pipelines of sales persons, one can find out which sales persons are working on smaller value projects, but may have larger number of projects, and which sales persons are working on fewer, hopefully larger value projects.
Weighted Pipeline Value – Indicates the value of projects at the corresponding milestone, based on the probability of conversion.
Ideally, the weighted value should be equally distributed in all the milestones, which ensures smooth sales flow. Funnel – The funnel shows a cumulative performance of all projects in the selected category and period. Conversion Ratio – Indicates the rate at which projects are getting converted with respect to the total number of projects in the funnel.
If the conversion of leads to opportunities is not high enough, it indicates that the quality of leads being captured may not be good enough. Distribution of Weighted Pipeline Value – Compared to the previous example, this report shows a different distribution of the weighted value. Lead Qualification Ratio – This report shows only 73% leads are being qualified, while in the previous report, 92% leads were being qualified. Order Conversation Ratio – This report shows an extraordinarily high order conversion ratio of 67% – a sure sign of trouble!!!
On2Biz pipeline report therefore simplifies the performance management by using a broader set of Key Performance Indicators, which ensure consistent sales effectiveness across the entire sales team. From pig production to airplane crew size optimization to monitoring construction projects, we’ve examined enterprise dashboards from all types of business divisions.
You must take a look at Sales Forecasting Management: Understanding the Techniques, Systems and Management of the Sales Forecasting Process. As his about page states, The Dashboard Spy is just a guy interested in the design of enterprise dashboards. Browse this hugh set of dashboard examples to find a variety of approaches and best practices. Shrouded in mystery for years, The Dashboard Spy finally revealed himself to be Hubert Lee.
Hubert's newsletter is eagerly received by thousands of business intelligence professionals each week.

Just insert your presentation text, pictures and contents into the slides and you are ready for your business presentation.
Our premium PPT themes with beautiful design will help you present your data and ideas in a way that captivates your audience.
You will have the option to renew, but you will not be automatically billed at the end of your subscription. I’ll post that second dashboard, and soon you get a whole series of dashboards involving a similar theme. Lack of enough weighted value at any critical stage is an early warning for potential trouble to come. It shows the total number of projects that have passed the corresponding milestone in the period for which the report was generated. Order conversion should be consistent, as per benchmarks of the particular industry or market.
This may indicate that leads being captured are not good enough, or as in this case (evident from the inactive projects), the sales person is too lazy to work on the leads. A high order conversion ratio is a sure indication of under-utilization of sales resources. He could not find any executive dashboard design source books (or even screenshots of real business dashboards) and so set about creating his own.
Join the free Dashboard Spy Newsletter for BI professionals and get free eBooks, tips, and 3 HTML dashboard templates at absolutely no cost. A long time user experience expert known for high level consulting to major companies, Hubert has designed and implemented many of the world's most significant systems.
In fact, it has the distinction of being the only song in existence about business intelligence! It doesn't matter if you are planning to give a professional business presentation or present a personal slideshow, and regardless of whether your audience is top executives or just your friends, you will find suitable free or premium PPT themes for almost every occasion at MyTemplatesShop. It’s an interesting way to use the PC desktop to bring immediacy to the sales managers and executive management. The idea is to try to get the BI alerts as close to the user as possible – why log into a website or launch a software application when you can have the information come to you?
For successful enterprises, sales dashboards are certain to become the norm rather than exception. The bulge in the middle indicates that this sales person has projects that have directly entered the quotation stage and not as converted leads. However, if one looks at the new and inactive columns, it shows that these leads may be all old, and lying around without any progress. Finally convinced to post his extensive collection of dashboard screenshots online, he was amazed to find how popular it has become. We seen that several vendors have targeted the PC desktop itself through widgets that load when you boot up the machine.
This is likely because these may be repeat orders by existing customers (one can see the details of the projects by clicking on the corresponding pipeline value).
Hence if there is any deviation from a uniformly distributed weighted value, it could be a sign of trouble. It may be a sign of under-utilization of sales resources – you may be playing too small a game.
So the sales person may be overly dependent on repeat orders and not putting enough effort on new leads – or in this case, just sitting on the leads without working on them.
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Just insert your presentation text, data, pictures and contents into the slides and you are ready for your impressive business presentation.

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