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NavigationTop Posts & PagesAgoda 10% off promotion code (Really work!) – For first 3000 bookings only. Caroline Wozniacki returns to action at the Qatar Total Open on Monday in Doha when she takes on young Croatian qualifier Ana Konjuh in the opening round. Take our five-question financial compatibility test for couples to see whether mom and dad are a solid money match, or if some budgeting is in order.
Remember, no matter what your financial habits, your goal is to work toward cooperating with your spouse to build a solid fiscal future. TAGS Ann Arbor, family vacation, fun, metro parent, metro parent magazine, parents, southeast michigan.

Opening your most recent Visa bill, you discover that you spent more this month than you budgeted.
You add the excess amount to your already ballooning balance, figuring you’ll even out in a few months. You end up at Starbucks, order lattes and talk about visiting the Bahamas for the next family vacation. When talking to your spouse, you might get defensive about your spouse’s efforts to reign in your freewheeling financial ways.
While your effort to save is admirable, be careful about becoming so rigid that you don’t enjoy spending now and then. Since you’re open to discussing different financial styles, you and your spouse should be able to start your money discussions without many arguments. First she must account for rising teenage star Konjuh.Konjuh was one of the most successful juniors in recent memory, winning two junior Grand Slam titles at the Australian Open and US Open in 2013 and earning the World No.

The pair met in 2014 at Wimbledon, where Konjuh reached the third round by posting her maiden Grand Slam victories over Marina Erakovic and former World No. They also met in Tokyo last year, with Wozniacki once again prevailing in straight sets.It’s certainly a danger match for Wozniacki, who’s mind perhaps hasn’t been on tennis for the last week or so. Konjuh has matches under her belt and is definitely capable of matching it with Wozniacki on her day.

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