There are many tools available which regularly checks for newly created proxy servers.These proxy servers can be sorted by there speed and latency.
Some of the free software tools which regularly checks for latest proxy servers are mentioned below.
Automatically search and leech free proxy servers from web sites, which provides daily updated proxy list. Different internet connections do often require completely different proxy server settings and it's a real pain to change them manually.

SYN Scanner for Proxy server is the software that helps to find proxy servers very fast for Windows. Proxy Switcher provides proxy settings management solution and anonymous surfing capabilities. It's a SYN scanner,Super fast to find proxy servers.It scans 3,600,000 IP addresses per hour, without missing or errors! Automatically removes any duplicate proxy address, government, military & planetlab IP address.

This includes flexible proxy server list management, proxy server tester and anonymous proxy server list downloader.

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