Yup … if you already have calculated the dimensions and know how to set-up your software to those dimensions, you don’t need these templates. Great book Cover templates here if you have Adobe photoshop, all sizes it worked great for me enjoy. The Minnie Mouse Imagine Ink Activity Book from Bendon Publishing features 24 pages of fun activities and a mess-free Imagine Ink Marker. Since the beginning, Bendon Publishing International has become one of the fastest growing children's book publishers in the U.S.

At Mommies Tots, we bring you the best out of you and your kiddos at the best quality and price! If we work out a dimensions for ie width - bleed+back+spin e+front+bleed, and same for the height, all we need to do is create a blank page based on those dimensions - thus a template is not really required - Is this correct?
You’ll find it difficult just to set the dimensions in Word, not to mention you’ll never get a professional looking cover even if you get things set-up OK.
Disney's Minnie Mouse and her friends are featured on coloring pages, puzzles and hidden pictures that reveal a rainbow of colors when your child uses the Imagine Ink marker.

At Bendon, we listen to our customers and provide the interesting, high quality children's products they want.

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