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Communitee (Camp26 Communitee Template) can help you to build special, professional and clean community or social web site with a lot of unique features which you can find them only in this template, especially in our quickstart. The Joomla!™ name is used under a limited license from Open Source Matters in the United States and other countries. I’ve been a hardcore fan of kpop (Korean pop music) for about three years, although my interest has gradually started to taper off. YG Entertainment’s most famous active artists are 5-member boy group Big Bang (debuted in 2006) and 4-member girl group 2NE1 (debuted in 2009). One of the most remarkable qualities of YG Entertainment is that while all of its artists have already launched solo careers in between group album releases, everyone still falls under the overarching umbrella of the YG family, whose perfect culture code is STYLE. It seems that YG Entertainment is even more determined to be a trendsetter than a record-breaker, and its stylish approach to the kpop industry has always been reciprocated with tremendous love and support from fans. Endorsements are mutually beneficial exchanges that give brands more publicity and celebrities more visibility.
A significant edge that I believe YG Entertainment artists have over their competition is their appeal to both genders. The close-knit YG family has become increasingly dominant in the Korean music scene in the past two years. Voices of the Caribou People is a video-based effort to document the knowledge of Indigenous People who traditionally have a close relationship with caribou (called wild reindeer in Russia).
Elders, hunters, leaders, and youth from six indigenous communities of the North American Arctic recorded their interviews, in which they shared their observations of changes that are taking place on their homelands and life style, and how these changes are affecting their traditional culture. The project was conducted as part of the International Polar Year (2007-2009) CARMA research on caribou and people.

Borgir, Nordurslod - 600 Akureyri - Iceland - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. Even during this short window of time, I’ve witnessed the popularity of kpop among teenagers and young adults spreading across the globe like wildfire. The stylish hip-hop YG family has essentially created its own appealing brand of music and fashion. Even if YG artists make occasional mistakes in singing and dancing during live performances, their charisma and fashion have always been flawless and never failed to impress their audience.
The biggest criticism about YG artists that anti-fans are quick to condemn as a weakness is that they aren’t as attractive as their competition from SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment. Big Bang debuted only five years ago, but has already released two Korean studio albums, four Korean EPs, three Japanese studio albums, and two Japanese EPs. Big Bang has endorsed Fila products, the Korean online video game Sudden Attack, Baskin Robbin’s, Skoolooks, LG CYON, and NII. Consumers are far more likely to buy products that are clearly affiliated with their favorite celebrities.
Usually, boy groups are exclusively idolized by drooling fangirls, and the same is true vice versa. YG Entertainment is extremely cognizant of the fact that it must possess significant competitive advantages in order to secure a foothold in the cutthroat kpop industry, especially since some of its artists are disadvantaged in physical attractiveness and consistency in live performances. The project is being carried out in partnership with Indigenous Peoples who subsist on caribou and identify themselves as "Caribou People". This website shares the stories and voices of the participating communities with other northern communities, researchers, and the general public.
The rapid expansion of kpop, a large part of the Korean Wave, hardly comes as a surprise, however, considering that artists in the increasingly competitive South Korean music scene are almost universally young, attractive, talented, well-trained, and free from scandal.

Big Bang’s influence in particular has extended beyond the music industry to shape major fashion trends.
However, STYLE and talent are what propels its artists toward fame and popularity, not pretty faces enhanced by plastic surgery.
For example, Korean stores selling the NII brand often display life-size cardboard cutouts of kpop artists wearing NII clothing. By giving its artists more freedom to individualize and innovate, YG Entertainment successfully brands them with distinctive styles that are far more impressive than the typical doll-like idol singing perfectly with autotune. Because the fresh styles and daring charisma of YG artists never fail to pleasantly surprise and dazzle me, my brand relationship trajectory with YG Entertainment is steadily climbing upward into maturity while my relationship with the overall kpop industry has become merely cyclical resurgence.
The catchy beats of their dance numbers are infectious and the passionate melodies of their ballads are heartwrenching. Entertainment, I admire and respect YG Entertainment far more for taking better care of their artists than controversy-infested S.M. Similarly, 2NE1′s unprecedented tough, tomboy attitude has attracted female fans who care nothing for the aegyo (cute) look sported by other girl groups.
Their frequent appearances on variety shows and celebrity events give them enough screen time to become household names, and their ventures into acting, musicals, radio hosting, and modeling help their popularity skyrocket even higher. YG artists’ dual appeal creates diversity in their fan bases and enables their mainstream popularity to reach an even larger audience.

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