By pairing information about music preferences (from ToneFuse’s ringtone product) with third-party data, the company says it has created 900 audience segments to help brands target consumers across some 100 publishers.
When asked about copyright issues, the company said most of its publishing partners are licensed or becoming so. David Goodman, president of CBS Interactive Music Group (which bought MetroLyrics last October and has a strategic partnership with ToneFuse), said that as companies like his look to elevate the lyric sites space, brands are starting to recognize their impact.
But David Cohen, Universal McCann’s evp, global digital officer, says lyric sites often generate in-and-out traffic, indicating poor engagement.

Ilan Zechory, co-founder of the popular Wikipedia-like lyrics site Rap Genius, said lyric sites hoping to attract brands need communities.
Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the adrianne curry christopher knight. Katayev says before officially launching ToneMedia, its client roster included Dove and Axe.
John Lennon fans, for instance, are 101 percent more likely to own pets while Rihanna lovers are 189 percent more likely to be interested in cruises.

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