I was planning on writing about composting toilets today but came across an article on the CNN website that I just had to share with everyone. It was a side trip through a destitute, ramshackle neighborhood in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, that detoured Brian McCarthy from building houses in Albuquerque to an idea to offer the very poor a chance to own a home. Though considered sparse by American standards, these tiny houses have everything a person needs to live a simple life. It sort of looks like this company’s stuff, except they are doing it more for industrial group housing. At the outset let us thank you for sparing your valuable time for our Company‚Äôs Introduction. I remember looking at piles of shipping containers when I was a child and thinking I would love to have one as a house, my parents thought I was crazy.
Also let me tell you that i have a Sister working in Social Programs with the First lady ( wifes President of Gua ) that can give us a strong hand to introduce this type of houses to all the poor people of Guatemala . Don’t let some fancy architect crush your dreams, the DIY container home looks to me to be the most cost effective modular home building block available today. I did emails to 2 companies that they have sold the shipping containers , their quotes were : One is in Ca and one is in NJ . Designed with simplicity in mind, the KeyProM8 Key programmer guides you through various processes for key programming & remote key fob programming, from the more basic keys to proximity and smart keys across all makes of vehicles worldwide on one programmer. A1: Please make sure you are using windows xp system computer to install the driver, and please follow our video to finish the driver installing.
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I personally would like to promote this company for what they are attempting to do and I hope they have great success.
My family is thinking of doing this but on a slightly larger scale by combining 2 or 3 containers. Goverment ( Social help Dept of the President of the Republic ) and my Sister working like the Right hand of the First lady , i think that we can do it and introduce this faccilieties to Guatemala people. Imagine all the low income, homeless, and elderly that would benefit from shipping container homes.
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I am contacting them to learn more on how to help get these to people who really need a new home. If anyone has experience having done this, and knows the best place to buy containers and any tips, please contact me. I have 5 acres land ( my own saving ) but I have not had enough money to build this type of housing …since one of the architect which I had contacted about these type of building ( shipping containers ) he told me it would be around $ 150 per square foot . Using digital tokens, which are deducted when keys are programmed, makes the KeyProM8 Auto Key Programmer unique.
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If any one who knows how to build the home with this type of housing , please contact me for more info ( I would be greatly appreciated ) My land is in Seaford , DE .

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