This is not a clean, neat operation: There will be conflicts between Design and Build considerations. For a construction organization to remain effective, the Owner must maintain a dual fit between what goes on in the marketplace and what occurs on the jobsite. What this means is the Owner should recognize the natural linkages between off-site and on-site events. The key elements for project management are presented in outline form appearing in a vertical column.
The following "Topic Diagram" presents the very same elements in a "systems way" as a horizontal flow chart. By placing the "linear way" adjacent to the "systems way," you have the opportunity to compare two different formats for the same information. Likewise, as you negotiate Contract Documents with Trade Contractors and Suppliers, the terms of your Agreements directly impact project Schedule and the flow of materials and products to your jobsite. Your ability to Schedule during course of construction is based on your competence at assigning priorities to various items of work to accomplish the desired end result in an orderly fashion.
From the standpoint of the Owner, the "Generic Schedule" is easy to visualize and understand its meaning. Another possible precaution is to understand that the Bar Chart is a "paper model" and, like all scheduling techniques, the results will not always meet one's expectations or the reality of working under field conditions.
Anticipating construction relationships and key events is central to successful scheduling of your project.

Remember: there is no replacement for critical thinking and analysis of your project to determine both standard and unique elements of your project. The coalition will focus on prevention of tobacco use, tobacco cessation, and policies related to smoke free workplaces. These elements are presented in this format so you can visualize a "linear way" of modeling Project Management.
Subsequent Quality Control of workmanship and Safety will be based on the "pace" of activities, and how much time you are able to give to the details while still holding everyone accountable for their work.
The "Generic Schedule" provided here is for a typical residential construction project developed over a six month period of time. For the purposes of scheduling major activities of a construction project, the chart indicates project sequence and scheduling of each major activity plotted on a weekly time scale. This approach helps one to realize that all ideal types have limitations and to accept difficulties; however, this does not mean we reject using a model as a reference. The idea of good coordination is to plan and organize for labor, material, and products before they are needed on site.
Part of the Owner's evening routine will include watching the five-day weather forecast so one's expectations of the coming week's activities will match what the weather will accommodate. Planning, organizing, and controlling construction activities are the heart of project scheduling. On one hand, there's the economic environment comprised of realtors, lenders, realtors, public agencies, manufacturers, suppliers, and trade contractors.

The Owner formulates an "agenda" when doing a construction project taking into consideration the key events for management of a residential construction project. The chart has certain shortcomings which limit its usefulness but once aware of these inherent weaknesses, the Owner can rely on it as a beginning point for dialog with the people on your team.
Simultaneously, you'll want to consider location of temporary electrical power pole, telephone cable, and water supply. An example would be ordering the exterior door package which includes choosing products and doing field measurements, transporting the package to the finish shop, and scheduling delivery of exterior doors for installation. For instance, scheduling a concrete pour for sidewalks and driveway on a "dry" day guarantees a better finish. Keep work activities in natural sequence and don't play hopscotch with your project's Schedule. And when you're told by a Trade Contractor, "I'll be there on Monday morning," what does this really mean? Part of the framer's contract should include the setting of the exterior door package, and obviously the Owner's responsibility is to make arrangements for the package to be on site during the final week of the framing phase.

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