If you would like to track attendance for business meetings, clubs, or Sunday School classes, try the Attendance Record Template.
The Monthly Class Attendance Form is designed so that the days of the week and the dates used for the column labels update based on the Month and Year that you specify. The Weekly Student Attendance Record does not depend on the month, year, or week, but you can enter a date in the Week Of field for reference.
For both of these attendance spreadsheets, you'll probably want to save a copy of the form after the month or week is over. This weekly student attendance tracking spreadsheet was designed to work for any year and month.
If you find these attendance templates useful, please share the link to this page with others who may be interested.

The two class attendance record templates below are designed for classroom attendance, but they can be adapted for other attendance tracking needs by changing some of the labels. To do that, copy or duplicate the worksheet so that each week or month is a separate tab within the workbook. When sorting, make sure to select all columns (not just the Name or ID column) and only the one label row (the one including the labels "ID" and "Name." Do not include the subtotal row at the bottom when sorting.
To start tracking attendance for a new month, simply copy the worksheet, clear the info from the previous month, and change the month via the drop-down box. In addition to the Student Attendance Records above, you may want to try our attendance record or sign-in sheets.
On a given day, you enter a T, U, E, or P in the column to indicate whether the student was Tardy, Unexcused, Excused, or Present.

If you are looking for ways to track time for employees, check out our collection of timesheet templates. The totals are a count of the number of T's, U's, E's, or P's in each row (the formulas are not case-sensitive).

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