Looking for a totally free way to access a variety of paid genealogy records, like those provided by Ancestry or MyHeritage, from your own computer? An increasing number of libraries are now providing complementary access to genealogy resources free of charge.
Of course, many libraries are digitizing their own historic records and providing them online for members, which we love, but others are also subscribing to large genealogy research sites and then allowing active patrons to access these sites directly from the library’s website. Partnerships with ebook services are also making more and more online family history books available, and it is easier than ever to borrow and read them on your tablet, phone or ereader. Free access to sites like Ancestry, Fold3, World Vital Records or genealogy related ebooks are common and are a great way to save on family history research while supporting your library.
Of course, not all library offerings are the same, but many are providing a wealth of free digital resources as a way to keep the community connected to their local library and retain the funding they need to thrive. Dallas Public Library, for instance, has such a wide selection of genealogy services available online it almost makes you want to relocate to Texas. Learn easily online with our one of a kind lessons, step-by-step guides, helpful hands-on activities, fun challenges and engaging discussions. And even if your library doesn’t hold a certain genealogy book on their shelves, you might find they offer it online.
If you’re not sure what free digital services your library offers, head over to their website and take a look. Free access to subscription services is usually as simple as finding your library’s genealogy section, following a special link and entering your library card number.

Downloading ebooks is also straightforward once you’ve entered the online borrowing system your library has set up. Explore online genealogy like never before with our unique step-by-step lessons and helpful hands-on activities.
Jun 12 : City of Sydney Assessment Books 1845-1948 provide details of ownership, occupation, construction and value for buildings in the City. This web-site intends to provide direction to those Australian databases that are free to search.
Many can be accessed directly on their websites — meaning that you can take advantage of the services they offer at home.
While some resources are usually only available when you are at the library itself (like Ancestry Library Edition), we were thrilled to discover that the vast majority of libraries we reviewed were offering access to expensive subscription services completely free of cost to members from their own home computers as well. Smaller library systems may only offer a fraction of the free resources of a larger library–but any free access is helpful.Take Our New Online Genealogy CourseDid you know that Family History Daily offers a popular and affordable, self-paced genealogy course that can help you with your research? If your library has teamed up with OverDrive you can easily connect your Amazon account to your library account and read these borrowed books right on your Kindle, or through a Kindle app on your computer, tablet or phone. Make sure you have your library card handy through, because you’ll likely need your card number to access these types of member only benefits. In most instances, you will need to set up an account with Overdrive through the website link provided by your library and then borrow and download the book type you desire (ie PDF, EPUB or Kindle). The more requests they get for these types of free genealogy resources the more likely they are to provide them.

My great grand father Bruno Berke was in the German Army world war 1 but I can’t find out anything about him. I found many records of my German ancestors on this site and then cancelled before the trial period ended.
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Others can be accessed at the library itself by bringing along your laptop or tablet and using the library’s complimentary wifi and access portal. Linking the account to your Kindle, if you have one, is a two-step process that is explained on Overdrive when attempting to download the Kindle edition. This site has been online since 2004 before similar named commercial site had a presence here in Australia.

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