Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates how to make VB Controls by using a Picturebox and pure VB Code. This is a Sample calculator that I created in visual basic 2008, and this sample will be more useful for learners who are interested in VB 2008.
Even worse, a lot of them will stumble on articles suggesting that they should write their data to a comma-separated file, but to give the file a .xls extension. The class would create one worksheet per DataTable, and each worksheet would contain the data from that DataTable. And because it is created using the OpenXML library, you can run this code on machines which don't have Excel installed.

You'll notice that this library is excellent for one job - writing plain, boring data to an Excel file. The reason I wrote this article is that I found that it was very hard to find a free, easy to use C# library which actually created the OpenXML Excel file in the first place. It works well and I can dynamically create excel file with number of columns (passed as parameter). I am thinking it has something to do with write permissions on the paths that I am using, as I am an administrator on my local computer but using windows authentication on the remote server to only allow certain users at my work to be able to access this particular project.
Pahelp lang po ako sa inyo mga idol..does anyone has a stored coding file here in creating phonebook using C, C++ or Java??

If enter Data, the Names are not inserted but other data is inserted successfully in the access table. Within my source codes, when I click add to add new record it does not clears the text boxes but it rather options for editing only. Can you give me your email so that I send you the project to review and help me where the error is ?.

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