Hit Sniffer Real Time Website Analytics from Hit Sniffer using our own live website statistics software. If you want your data live streamed to you with a chat function then take a no obligation trial. Go back in time and see what really happened in your website on a specific day which lead to higher sales, search by various parameters.
Identify your visitors quickly by assigning pre-defined labels based on their actions and get deep insight of each actions of labels.

You will receive a daily, a weekly or a monthly website analytics email report for your website or websites.
Get tracking ready in less than a minute with our ready to install plugins for popular content management systems. The ability to track the entire history of a visitor on your site, and then match that history to a name, provides an unparalleled insight that helps close more sales. The real time data is invaluable, it shows me exactly what I need to know in order to run my business.

I recommend it to all of my clients and colleagues doing business online, and recommend it for you too. It even shows me the location of my visitors, and especially useful I know which pages generate the most interest.

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