Please complete this form to receive your free demo CD, or send an email to M D Smith on the Contacts page. Inexpensively discover what customers think about your company, products, services, staff, and advertising with an online survey.
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A customer satisfaction survey and collecting other relevant information is key to managing and growing any business. A survey is the tool you need to get those answers, and AdsValue can provide a full-service and very cost effective solution to your problem that you probably could not do as well on your own.
Customer surveys are an excellent business tool and the most accepted, non-threatening methods to ask questions of your prospective clients, current or past clients, or the general public and business community. Administering a customer satisfaction survey properly for the average business person can be daunting task. This question may seem a little difficult at first to answer, however breaking the process down into manageable steps, it becomes rather easy to identify what you need and plan a successful survey. Add a poll or a link to the survey to your web site, or just add the link to your AdsValue business profile if you don’t have a web site.
MySpace surveys can be effective marketing tool for conducting online surveys such as a market survey.
Paper-based surveys can be provided as needed; however AdsValue online surveys are the most efficient way to conduct, track, and report results of your survey campaign.
AVTip: Utilizing an enticing advertisement with a link to a survey can provide double benefits.
With minimal input from you, AdsValue can help or do all steps along the way to a successful campaign.

How can we help?  Contact the AdsValue Sales department through the Service Info Request Form to tell us about your needs. Human Resources Surveys are a proven tool in the effective management of an organisation, and can play a significant role in assisting any organisation in meeting its objectives. HR surveys are most frequently used to collect information from within an organisation, by surveying staff throughout the organisation, or selected staff within specific groups, on a particular topic. Conducting annual, bi-annual, and even monthly human resource surveys can not only improve a work environment but can also increase productivity as well as job retention rates.
Studies show that employees that are satisfied and engaged perform better which can have a direct impact on your customer’s satisfaction. 360-feedback surveys are used during performance reviews to provide employees with management and colleague feedback. Did you know that satisfied employees perform their jobs better than unsatisfied employees? Employee Exit interviews are conducted to gain objective feedback about the work culture, management style, operational processes and training needs. You’re involved in the daily business, but do you REALLY KNOW what others think about your products, services, or what employees are thinking?
With relevant information in hand, you can make improvements without wasting valuable time, money, or making costly mistakes. These groups are generally your best source of information on what they like, dislike, want or need. They typically know what they want or need to know, but probably have neither the time nor the tools to conduct a survey properly to obtain their desired results.
With AdsValue’s help and easy-to-use survey planning guide, you can answer these few questions and you can be on your way.

AdsValue reduces the overall cost and your time of creating and administering a full-featured survey compared to doing it in-house, going it alone on-line, or paying a fancy-schmancy Madison Avenue type marketing firm which often costs thousands of dollars for even the simplest of surveys.
A large portion of the cost of surveying would be experienced if using more expensive means such as direct mail, telephone or, direct contact surveys. See other AdsValue services that will complement your survey campaigns such as Email Marketing and Direct Mail. These surveys are embedded on a web site and collect applicant’s information, experience and resumes. These surveys set clear career objectives by assessing skills, identifying areas of improvement, defining goals and training. Not only are satisfied employees more productive, but they can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.
These surveys are conducted as an employee is leaving under the assumption that helpful criticism is a driver for organizational improvement.
Chances are that you may have a feeling about these, but you’re not certain and want some way to know for sure. Surveys tend to be more full-featured by contain more questions and may have conditional branching depending on the responses.
Supplying the survey tools and experience is where AdsValue can add value and make your survey a cost-effective and informative reality.

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