You have several reasons to visit this graveyard, if you don't find the place too creepy or morbid. Visiting Paris without dropping by this place would be a shame especially since visiting it free of charge.
One of them is to see the resting place of Jim Morrison, but keep in mind that his grave is now protected against the thousands of fans visiting every day. Parc Monceau is one of your choices and it offers the possibility of seeing and taking pictures of many other famous people.
This road is 4.5 km long and it sits high above the busy city, therefore you might also want to have the camera ready to snap a few pictures.

This time, they are immortalized as statues, therefore the experience will feel less weird. You'll learn more about the French culture, Paris' history, orA  admire some Asian art, originating more in China than any other Asian country. This path stands out because it has many lush green archways, offering a lot shade from the sun and inspiration to start a new hobby. If you would like to visit here and are on a budget, perhaps the next list will help you save money and help you have an incredible experience. If seeing the graves of well known writers and artists, is not your thing, you can still drop by to admire the beautiful landscape.

This is the place where you stop if you're hungry and want to eat some nice cheese or see some artisan butchers at work. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is the place where you go to burn a few calories, as well as gettingA  a bad calf-pain as this is a steep park.

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