While I waited patiently for my own tiny home to be ready, I thought I would check out natural builder, Pat Hennebery's teardrop trailer. Lately, Pat has become interested in healthy homes on trailers so we sat down to discuss his lovely teardrop trailer. Some plywood was used in the flooring and walls but Pat mentions it could be replaced with hardwood. The roof is stainless steel but Pat suggests that next time he would use aluminium to keep it as light as possible. It doesn't have plumbing so this kind of trailer is best used when you have an outhouse and outdoor shower. The materials alone for this trailer came to 10K - though Pat was not on a tight budget and did splurge a bit on the wood for the ceiling, a new trailer and stainless roof. I think this simple chemical-free trailer would work well as a permeant dwelling somewhere warm, or, as a way to test out the locations effect and start trying chemical and mould avoidance. If you are interested in attending Pat's cob building courses or having him build your own cob house or chemical-free trailer, you can contact him via his website Cobworks.

The Multiple Chemical Survivor16 September 2013 at 14:18I'm so excited about your new tiny house!
The ceiling is tongue & groove wood, the floors are solid wood, and the exterior siding is cedar which has been painted. This trailer could be made for a chemically sensitive person by using unscented woods, VOC-free glues, and natural finishes and paints. For those very sensitive to propane, this would not work very well, but since it is outdoors it could be tolerable.
Still, it's good to keep in mind that even a medium sized trailer, with no plumbing and no kitchen, just isn't cheap. If you can build it yourself, it's probably the least expensive chemical-free trailer option. 15 amps is not a lot, but it is enough to run a space heater or AC unit, making it a seasonal trailer in colder climates.
Cedar, while it may have too strong a scent for people with severe MCS, does really well in wet climates; it's naturally quite mould proof.

The only cheaper option is if you can figure out how to hack a cargo trailer and reno it without chemicals. 2013 and I have a lot to share on sourcing and testing chemical-free materials including a full material list with costs. This trailer was made for Canadian summers and Mexican winters, and has made the round trip twice already.
Oct is a good time to visit but we ill still be plastering, putting hemp oil on the floors and putting in bathroom tiles, and changing the countertop. If you are adding more stuff like tiles, doesn't that affect the total weight or is the weight just the framework? It was well under weight so I'm not concerned about adding tiles and plaster on top of that.

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