Uber launched in Birmingham back in spring 2015, and since then has become increasingly popular form of taxi travel. Uber is an international company that allows customers to book cabs within minutes, using a smartphone app. After a taxi ride, the payment comes off your card, so there’s no fumbling for cash or change. Uber conducts strict background checks on all its drivers, and they abide by a code of conduct.
The app tells you who your driver is and their licence plate number even before they arrive.
Get an extra round of drinks, order desserts, splash out on another top – whatever you fancy. Download Uber on your phone or here and enter Promotional Code DINEUBER15 for a free ride up to ?15. Be the first to know.Join our Email Club for new restaurants & exclusive offers!We send just 1 email a month.
Reviews Engadget RSS Feed - Weekly Technology Technology TechnologyOne chip to rule them all? I just want to talk about location first, the W Leicester square is right in the heart of London. The W Leicester Square is seriously cool, with it's huge glowing W symbol outside which changes colour and beautiful black carpets which change depending on the time of day; in the morning you'll be greeted with 'good morning' and in the evening with 'good evening', they even say 'good afternoon' when it's midday. Inside the W, there seem to be loads of really nice, chilled but luxurious spots to just kick back, grab a coffee or a glass of champagne and chat.
We arrived quite late and explained to the lovely man on the check in desk that we had to rush off to a dinner reservation, he took our bags and told us not to panic and even asked us if we needed a car ordering. The room itself wasn't as big as some I've stayed in (I do love a big room) but it felt huge because of the mirrors everywhere.
Any girls dream, a beautiful wardrobe area which practically turns the room into a dressing room.

Even the toiletries in the W are cool, from ear plugs to make up wipes - everything you need.
After a quick spruce up (and realising I'd forgotten my make up wipes - but I rang reception and they brought me my own straight away - told you this hotel really will cater to all your needs) it was time to rush out to my favourite cocktail bar. Due to train problems, we were a little late so the kitchen was closing, we only got to sample the delicious prawn's but they got better with every single bite. We started with their speciality gin based cocktails, notice the real gold floating on top? I love the Polo Bar because you get beautiful, delicious cocktails which are made with the best ingredients and made with so much love.
Doing my make up was a complete pleasure in the W hotel, with perfectly lit mirrors, they'd really thought of everything.
I woke up with a fresh Sassoon blow dry (Sassoon is my fave salon as most of you will know). When I was younger, I worked at All Saints for a long time so I like to think I know my knit wear. I usually head down  to London every couple of days or week (depending on what my diary looks like) and then trail back home.
It's pretty much in China town and on Wardour street which is bustling with amazing shops and restaurants. Little touches like this set the hotel apart from others and I realised this as soon as we got through the front door. I could happily sit here and eat the bar nibbles all night long as they're the freshest, yummiest things I've ever tried. The Polo Bar is relaxed but luxurious and the standard of service is one of the best I've come across. There was no natural light near the mirrors so this meant my make up looked like I'd done it in day light.
It's really nice to spend weekends in London though, it means I get to actually put my phone down, do no meetings and just enjoy the city.

The staff on the door were incredible too, taking our bags into the lift and taking us up to the first floor to help us check in, making polite conversation but seemingly genuinely interested in our fashion week plans. This is a seriously nice bar and I'd highly recommend popping in for an evening of nibbles and cocktails if you get the chance.
London is full of incredible hotels, eateries and things to do, I'm always so busy rushing around that I often forget to stop and just enjoy the city which is why now, I try to focus on having more weekends away and celebrating London. It takes about 5 minutes to get to Piccadilly Circus and from there, you've got Regent Street, Oxford Street and more. Reception is set away from the hustle and the bustle of outside as it's on the first floor, I like this.
I'm a massive fan of plush luxury but this was luxurious and plush in a different way, think cutting-edge, risk taking, modern, cool yet so comfortable. Kiehl's Morning Concentrate, in true me style, I've not seen it since this trip so probably left it in the room. If you read Emtalks a lot, you'll know I'm a sucker for nice hotels, I could happily live in a hotel.
I've wanted to take Matt for a long time and finally, we got booked in for the Friday evening.
I think the W are most famous for their incredible Barcelona hotel (the one which is basically in the sea) and I'm making it my mission to stay there this year (Barcelona is my favourite European city so it would be rude not to). I'm a fan of plush, modern hotels with good service, so let's see how I felt about my first stay at the W.

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