Valentines Day Ideas: Dinner planned, Gift purchased, other Romantic ideas in place, now for the Card. Use this graphic as a Valentine E-cards to email to your secret (or not so secret) admirer. I hope you found some ideas here a€“ Ia€™d love to hear your Valentines Day Experiences a€“ please share your ideas and Ia€™ll add them here.

This entry was posted on Saturday, February 14th, 2009 at 5:55 pm and is filed under The Heits News. He asked his Paraguayan mom if he could cut one of the roses from her front garden as a valentine gift for Kendra.
Their mom was touched by his thoughtfulness and helped him cut a rose and place it by Kendra’s breakfast place at the table.

Kendra thanked their Paraguayan dad and spent her morning wondering about the cultural significance of the father giving her a rose for Valentines Day!

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