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I'm struggling to build a simple animation based on those old clocks with flip-down numbers. I think I would attempt to do something where the text is duplicated for the top and bottom. The final part of the animation is having the top half ready with the next number and the bottom half queue up on completion.
I don't have any actual code that will help, but I hope this concept is something that will work out.
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2) This was posted 7 years ago, and the user hasn't logged in for 5 years, so I don't think it's likely to get updated. You can get an idea how active a member is by looking at his profile page, and selecting the "Repuatation" tab for a graph. I'd prefer to have the numbers hard coded into HTML and perform the flipping animation solely through jQuery - preferably no images except background ticker boxes. I've been struggling on this for a few days and I honestly have no idea how to approach this script. With Crystal Button you can create a variety of 2D and 3D glassy, metallic, plastic and even XP style web buttons. One main advantage of this is that you can send SMS for free because most webservices are not free to use with your application.

Yours shows you did nothing for the first year after you signed up, but that you have logged in regularly since mid 2013 for example.
Or to put it another way the numbers are coded into HTML but the clock itself is a series of rolodex-style bg images. Maybe by splitting the top and bottom halves into different divs, then change the internal numbers for each second that passes?
The sizing of the text in relation to the image and the speed at which it flips from the top of bottom.

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