If before you can only do some video and slideshow creation as well as basic video editing with Ezvid, then right now you can do more as the newest released version today is able to capture or record your screen without delays!
Yes, Ezvid can now capture and record your screen and so it’s a perfect tool to use if you want to record gameplay videos, or even make screencast tutorials, etc . However, if you are still unsure how to record your screen with Ezvid and wants some quick and easy tutorial, then you’ve come to the right place as today, I’m going to teach you how you can easily record screen using Ezvid. YouTube is the most popular video sharing site and is the second largest search engine today. Once it’s up on the timeline, you can either add music, record voice or add some text slides. Just repeat the process you have read on Step 2 of the first option such as filling in the information and then follow the process until you have completely & successfully created an account. In addition, this free video maker also lets you edit YouTube videos, thereby continuing them with your own personal video. This free movie maker also makes your work easier by uploading several videos with right format and managing them.
You can add special effects and transitions which look professional to make movies polished. In-built video editor which can zoom in or out, resize, cut or split, trim, crop the video files.
Simply you need to visit it’s official website and select the free edition in zip format file, then click on Download.
In case you are looking for Animated Movie Creator, you should not miss the linked articled reviewed by us.
We collect some screenshots of Youtube Movie Maker that showing the program interface, click below thumbnails to view the orignal image! Wirelessly transfer photos & videos among iOS devices as well as between computer and device. Instantly turn photos & music into vivid slideshow movie with transitions, themes, artclips, and more. Remember, some apps don’t have built-in video editing capabilities or can upload videos straight to YouTube.

So you will get a collection of screen recorded clips and process it right away to your timeline. May it be a gameplay video or an instructional video, you can always add a commentary footage by clicking the “record voice” icon. If you plan to up it on YouTube, be sure you add a title, description, and keywords to your video. It’s a place to bring all your videos to popularity and so millions of people create account with YouTube.
Now the second option of creating a YouTube account is by downloading a free video maker for YouTube called Ezvid.
To add a music to your video, just go over to Ezvid music library and then choose the songs you like the best fit your video. To add voice to your video, simply click the “mic” icon and make sure your microphone is on as it captures the audio immediately after you click the icon. If you want to add some text slides, click the “add text” icon and it will display the Ezvid text editor where you can choose font styles and colors you want. Always put a title, description and keywords to your video or it will not allow you to upload your video to YouTube.
This free movie maker allows you to create, edit, promote, manage and upload videos to YouTube. The featured Free YouTube Downloader lets you download videos from YouTube without any restriction.
In the pop up dialog of "Import Video from Internet", paste the URL of the YouTube video you copied just now. But with Ezvid, its almost an ALL-in-ONE video editor pack – from recording real-time gameplay videos to video editing to uploading on YouTube.
However, you don’t have the option yet to customize the area it captures and so it captures the whole area of your monitor.
However, if you are finding it hard to open an account with YouTube, not anymore as today, I’m going to show two easy ways to make a YouTube account. Because Google and YouTube are now partners, for every account you created with YouTube, you have an associated gmail address instantly.

Enter the code and then click “Verify”. It will then direct you to a page to complete your Google profile.
What is nicer with this second option is that you can actually make a video first and then when you hit the “upload to YouTube” button it will give you the option to create a YouTube account, if you don’t have one yet.
It’s pretty simple, just drag and drop pictures you wanna create a video, or you can make a how-to video, a promotional video using pictures or clips, etc. With this free movie maker, you can give special effects to your videos to make stunning YouTube movies. If you want to download and convert YouTube video to MP3 for playback on an MP3 player or mobile phone music player, this tutorial could help you.
Plus, its main Audio Conversion function helps you to convert the downloaded YouTube video to MP3 for free. Because its all built in, you do not need to convert files or import files and transfer it to a video editing software or even worry if the format is supported or not as its all in one place. Automatically it will adjust the duration of the recorded time to the length on Ezvid’s timeline. As what its meant – it’s a background music so while you are doing voice narration, you also have a background music spicing up your video.
Login to your YouTube account and then wait while the video is being rendered and processed.
Wait, let me show you the steps and I’ll tell you this is pretty fast and works perfectly well. If you don’t have an account yet, then click “create an account” and this will now direct you to a YouTube page to create your new account. They have one of the best and coolest tracks and its all YouTube-legal so safe for YouTube use.

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