The call quality is neat if the Internet connectivity is fast and there is no issues found, and the call does come with a separate ringtone already, thus giving an indication that its not a voice call you are receiving from a particular phone number. Although everything is working fine right now, Facebook would ask you for the feedback on the call quality as its testing the stuff and we might see some changes in the coming days. We have found no issues while trying to make a free voice call using Facebook Android app or the messenger app, but would love to hear from you if you see any issues, apart from the Internet connectivity (make sure you are on a good speed Wi-Fi network or on 3G data network). Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. As we stated above it?s a free service only within Canada, If a user is calling outside of Canada, they will be charged at pretty reasonable international rates. The current WhatsApp app that is on Google Play is an old one and the latest report cites a newer build found in the WhatsApp website, with hidden material destined for the voice calling feature. This is after the Facebook-acquired WhatsApp was being tested with the free voice calling feature, and thus the calling option for the Facebook users would be an excellent addition if they are on any data plans or connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

But, for the Free call from Facebook app to be done, the user on the other end has to be online and has to be connected to the Internet via the Android app. For you to make a free voice call using the Facebook App for Android, you need to just go to any one of the messaging options – the chat section in the Facebook Android app, or you could directly head to the Facebook messenger app if you have installed that on your Android smartphone. This application allows users to get a phone number free of charge with which users can receive or make Canada-wide calls to land lines and mobiles free of cost. When a user receives call with this app, it pops up as a notification on your Android or iOS device. The free calling is quite good and the app would let you select the phone number you would want to call to, if at all your friend has multiple phone numbers included under a single profile. The service comes complete with voicemail, caller ID, Call Waiting, and even 911 emergency calling. The same report also highlights a new ability within the app to listen to conversations over again, although that is not a definite feature and is not immediately apparent from the screenshots.Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp, which is now owned by Facebook, confirmed in October that voice calling would be coming to WhatsApp but said that it would not be released until sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

Under that, there would also be the numbers which the user has listed under his name, and you can press on the exact number.
With the help of Dell Voice VoIP users will receives and places calls using user?s data connection on the Fibernetics network. This is because of a number of technical issues that remained to be fixed before a seamless calling feature could be included.

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