The digital doorway to Web 3.0 is beginning to ease open ever so slightly, as we learn more and more about semantic technology.
Now joining the excitement of Wolfram Alpha and Google Wave is a small start-up called Twine. In the grand scheme of things, Twine might be a fledgling to the social networking space, but its definitely pushing the Web 2.0 envelope inside out with its debut. Twine then ties it neatly all together by topic, so you can have it in one place and can connect with other twiners with similar interests. Well those of us who are constantly bookmarking material with Digg, Delicious and other such sites, it doesn't take long before we startNova Spivack lose track as to what we stored where.

Before he started his own company, Radar Networks, the futurist entrepreneur and grandson of late management guru Peter F. Drucker, had so many virtual folders and bookmarks, he would routinely misplace many of his saved links. To resolve that issue, he leapfrogged the competition with Twine, his company's first out-of the box offering.
It's already outpacing the the historical stats of the popular startups of FriendFeed and Wikipedia.
The Twine site then tracks the content users add and the topics they follow, and assembles an interest-based personality profile.

Based on what it learns, it sends news and recommendations from other fellow users with their updated content.

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