The nitrogen cycle describes how nitrogen moves between plants, animals, bacteria, the atmosphere (the air), and soil in the ground. For Nitrogen to be used by different life forms on Earth, it must change into different states. Nitrification - This is the process by which ammonium gets changed into nitrates by bacteria. This site is a product of TSI (Technological Solutions, Inc.), Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved.

When a plant or animal dies, decomposers like fungi and bacteria turn the nitrogen back into ammonium so it can reenter the nitrogen cycle.
It is an important part of many cells and processes such as amino acids, proteins, and even our DNA. We do this by adding nitrogen into the soil with fertilizer as well as other activities that put more nitrous oxide gas into the atmosphere. Other important states of nitrogen include Nitrates (N03), Nitrites (NO2), and Ammonium (NH4).

It is also needed to make chlorophyll in plants, which plants use in photosynthesis to make their food and energy.
When nitrogen is absorbed by the soil, different bacteria help it to change states so it can be absorbed by plants.

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