In this post we have collected resources, where free fonts are available to download for your designs or projects. By the way, pay your attention to the fact that some of these fonts are free for personal purposes only. There is one more thing to pay your attention to: do you know how many fonts should be used on a website? Ann Davlin is an inspired blogger who works at MotoCMS - a company that brought you an advanced website builder. Any website, newsletter or poster always look better with great fonts, please click on images below to take you to the websites.

To use these free fonts for business projects you need to have a permission of their authors. It’s summer time when most people spend their vacations lying on the beaches and discovering the world. You need to browse several websites with free fonts to find the best ones, to look through endless lists with freebies, to download and to test some of them. Also, if you’re into fonts and typography we suggest you to take a look at our collection of Free Halloween Fonts, you’re going to love them! You have a brilliant chance to create something new while the majority of web designers enjoy leisure time.

But as the night falls she turns into a superhero web surfer restlessly browsing through thousands of funny cat pics and videos. Probably this selection of 100 fresh free fonts will help you to cut this time by half or more. If you want to discuss either of that feel free to connect with her on Twitter and Google+.

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