LT Hosting Onepage is free responsive one page hosting joomla template tailored for server, web hosting company websites. Stop pay for every months with limited support and expensive cost, start with lifetime support and once payment with cheapest cost.
I give a big thank you to a great company with great products and even better customer service Of all the Joomla! It depends on your plan, if you purchased Pro Unlimited package, you can use it for unlimited client websites. With Pro Unlimited, you offer Free Install Service for one domain, if not you can order Install Service Package. The template framework with strong shortcodes, unlimited module positions, and easy to drag-drop layout content. If you like another color without 6 default color styles, you can change it via Template Settings easily with unlimited colors based on Color picker Tool.
The team works really efficient, fast in fixing error as well as changing the contents based on our requirements via support service.
This package use Akeeba Backup to build, and you can restore it based on Akeeba Kickstarter easily.

The template comes with 6 colors schemes, but in fact it is really customizable, has drag and drop tools and color settings helping to create unique websites with various layouts.
We’ve been able to produce really amazing looking sites that our clients love in extremely short periods of time.
They maintain the servers that store your website so that it will be available on the Internet. Free web hosting can be a good option for those who don’t have money for hosting, but who want to create their own website. My overall experience with them is rated 5-star for LTheme’s templates, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone! The Joomla!® & Wordpress name are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.
Though it is free, you need to consider some factors so that your website will work properly. Most free hosting providers will place their advertisements and banners on your website if you use the free hosting service. Some, however, don’t have advertisements, but they put several restrictions on design flexibility and your access to their resources on the server.

Some allow other web programming allowances but make you have ads placed on your website in exchange or otherwise limit the resources.
The types of programming tools you might want are PHP, along with MySQL, for allowing better content management. Advanced programming features make it easy for users to contact you through a web form or login to their account. Most free web hosts force you to use a sub-domain which includes the host’s name in it. Free hosting providers give some customer support like knowledge bases, online forums, email support, etc.
Look for reviews such as excellence service and features or for what they failed to provide. Submit your requirements so that they can verify whether it matches their free hosting plan.

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