Applicants will need to download the Application Form here, copy the details in the form and transfer the details to their organization letter head.
Applicants will then need to send in the completed form using their organization letter head and send it to Exabytes by email or fax. Applicants will need to have a “Hosted by Exabytes” link at their website, which links back to Exabytes website. Applicants will need to put Exabytes Banners on their websites, which links back to Exabytes website. Exabytes reserves the rights to approve, decline, make changes, or cancel this promotion without prior notice. Here are a few of the charities that we have worked with over the last few years by providing free web design, development and hosting.

Millies Trust is an international charity based in Manchester who provide UK wide first aid training courses.
Cycling for Charity was an epic charity bike ride from England to Portugal, starting from England on 7th July 2014, all in the name of raising money for Rainbows Children’s Hospice.
We count ourselves incredibly lucky to be doing something we are passionate about and this enthusiasm is always conveyed in our work.
All you need to do, is send in your application on your organization letter head to Exabytes, and stand a chance to get a free hosting, exclusively from Exabytes! Not trying to burst your bubbles, but this 1000 Free Hosting for Charity Organizations comes with some Terms & Conditions!
The website has a power CMS, a built in blog and an eCommerce shop, which allows Millies Trust to sell products and raise money for the charity.

This time, we would like to offer Charity Organizations an offer they couldn’t possibly resist – a special 1000 Free Hosting all for you! Like all the charity programs we have held before, this charity is yet again our effort to help the needy besides exposing them to web presence awareness! By being on the web, it would be a great way to get these Charity Organizations known, in order for public to channel their donations, sponsorship, help and service to these organizations easily and conveniently.

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