Love it or hate it, Facebook is still the number one social network and first-stop web destination for a majority of web users. In this post you will find 7 of the best free web applications that can simplify your work life.
Open Designs is a gallery of free web templates submitted by a community of talented designers for you to download and use in your own projects.
Our goal is the make the internet a prettier place, and we're big on open source web design, so you can hack and tinker with these templates to make your own unique design - just be sure to respect the copyright of the original author! If you want to share your web design masterpiece, make a name for yourself and get more traffic, sign in now! Usually we review Free Web Templates that have multiple pages (a homepage, an about page, a contact page), and today we’d like to showcase something different. This entry was posted in Free Website Templates, One-Page Layouts and tagged Free Template, free templates, Free Web Template, Free Web Templates, one page, one-page layout, one-page layouts. All of the themes over at SM Themes are free, however, you do have the option to purchase an upgradeable license. WooThemes has been around for a while now and has really made a claim to fame with their WooCommerce extension. Yith is somewhat like some of the free websites we’ve seen that offer free and premium licenses for each theme. These people over at WPExplorer have put together a really great brand of all things WordPress.
Themezilla is one of my favorite places to purchase themes because they come from one of my favorite designers, Orman Clark. MOJO Themes is an open marketplace that allows WordPress designers and developers sell their themes to buyers. Creative Market is another marketplace just like ThemeForest that offers many different types of themes from different authors.
Themify has created an astounding framework that allows you to drag and drop your changes into a Themify theme. Graph Paper Press creates themes specifically for photographers, artists, bloggers and entrepreneurs.
ThemeFuse creates wonderful themes for businesses that are out of the box with great support and lots of customization options. Press75 is a subscription based WordPress theme site that allows you access to all of their current and forthcoming themes.
Where you decide to get your themes is obviously going to be based on your needs and how you operate as a designer. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Despite this, many entrepreneurs are still unsure of best practices for using the site to benefit their small business. So you can choose the free template you like most and use it for a personal website or an online portfolio. It started off merely as a blogging platform but has really evolved into a magnificent content management system.

As you may know, you can download themes made specifically for WordPress that will give you the look you desire.
They have over 400 free themes, all of which are solid for those of us beginning with WordPress.
They aren’t mind-blowing beautiful themes, but they are great for the beginnings of a blog.
Site5 is a WordPress hosting site, so in an attempt to promote themselves they make some of the best WordPress themes. As you see, they show a bunch of FabThemes, but if you continue to scroll through their library, there are other themes available.
They don’t come with tons of features, but are created to welcome any other widgets and extensions you want to add. They don’t have a ton of high quality things, but they do have some basic themes that could work based on the industry and purpose of the site. If you get the free download, it’s basically for personal use and has a couple sponsored links in the code. WPZoom basically makes all their themes with the WPZoom Framework, which also claims easy customizations. The difference with Yith is they have extensively better features for their premium themes. They don’t overadvertise the fact they have free themes available, so you do have to take a look at all of them to find out which ones are free and which are premium.
They have a good balance of free and premium themes, all of which are fantastic and look great.
This is great if you just want to try something out and purchase it later for the premium features.
They have free themes that you have to register to download, but you can also purchase them for $25 and they’ll come with free support.
He’s got quite the eye for design and creates themes that are beyond easy to customize. That’s a bold claim, but they seem to back it up with some really great themes that seem to solve solutions while looking good. While most developers make generic or one-size-fits-all themes, they’ve found out some of the reasons people need themes. ThemeForest is another popular marketplace where different people sell different types of themes.
Creative Market is a bit cheaper than the former marketplace, starting some themes as low as $25. They’re very creative portfolio themes that are easily customizable and help individuals create a brand and build their business. Of course, the best part about the one-page templates listed below is that each of them is free.
Of all the websites using a content management system now, 59.8% of them are being run using WordPress. It comes with some of the best plugins and contributors make some great plugins to go along with it.

Their themes are easily editable with lots of custom features and are also organized really well for those who are familiar with editing code. This is one of the better places to find WordPress themes, especially ones with a great look to them. They are nicely designed and seem to be easy to make small changes to, however they’re not overly robust. The free versions are just the theme with very little customizations, while the premium themes have lots of features such as extra color schemes, Google fonts, frameworks and much more. Best of all, their premium themes start at $5 and have some very comparable features to themes that sell for more. They sell their premium themes on some popular marketplaces (which we’ll go over below), so their prices vary, but start around $45. They also come with some great features like ad management, a variety of page types and so much more. The price for themes at MOJO vary, but start around $49 for full themes and as low as $16 for things such as countdown pages. This is a great site if you are looking for a theme and just need to scroll through a bunch of ideas. Even if you do not want a theme, you can purchase the Drag and Drop Builder plugin for $39, which is the same price as most themes at Themify. Their theme subscription starts at $125 for the year or $299 for life. Single licenses start at $75. Still, this one page offers the same functionality you can expect from a multi-page layout.
If you’d like to get one template or another simply click on the screen-shot and learn how to download the layout. The themes are still on the generic side, however, the features in the backend make it something worth looking past.
By with we mean that most one-page web templates include a few areas such as an introduction, a portfolio, a contact form, etc.
These are crazy stats for one of the greatest and simplest content management systems I’ve ever used.
Today, we’ve got a little guide to get you started with the places you can find and download or purchase some amazing themes.
And even if you don’t want something as robust, you can create your own piece of the web with WordPress.
It’s that easy, no jumping from one page to another and no chance for your visitors to get lost in the website content.

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