Kingfisher came out as Best Buy and toothpaste with the highest ethical rating in ethical consumer's toothpaste survey. This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists.
Instead, we use natural ingredients like real fennel, real strwberries and real peppermint, and Kingfisher tastes delicious. Kingfisher is available in 8 great varieties, with or without fluoride, from health food shops including Holland&Barrett, Waitrose, many chemists and many places on the web (on this site as well). With all Kingfisher’s ingredients listed on its packaging right from the start, the first flavour, Fennel, was such a success that we went on to introduce more flavours and varieties most recently, in April 2014, Children's Strawberry. These days, Richard still works in Rainbow Wholefoods shop every Saturday morning (before going to Carrow Road), and Kingfisher is still the UK’s leading natural toothpaste. We were especially pleased to have our work recognised by this important organisation and we carry their seal of approval on all of our boxes and tubes.
Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste has never been tested on animals and we’ve been a cruelty-free product from the beginning. In fact, we’re delighted to say, Kingfisher has been named PETA’s Best Cruelty-free Toiletries and Beauty Product. Richard, who founded Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste, felt it had to have the same values as Rainbow Wholefoods, which he started in 1976 (he still works on both projects).

Kingfisher attempts to minimise its impact on the environment and to contribute where it can to positive projects locally and abroad, especially in Tibet.
Kingfisher is available in 8 great varieties including Fluoride and Fluoride-Free versions. You’ll find a complete list of ingredients on the back of our box and tube, including their source and purpose. A: If your homeopath prefers you not to use mint toothpaste, our fennel or Strawberry toothpastes will be ideal. Our Children's Strawberry Toothpaste was awarded Best New Natural Living Product at it's launch at Olympia, London in April 2014. From behind the counter he came to the conclusion that people would want to buy toothpaste that didn’t rely on artificial colourings, flavourings, sweeteners and preservatives to do its job (after all every time you brush your teeth some of the toothpaste you use is absorbed into your teeth and gums). Finally, when it was possible to manufacture a toothpaste that met Richard’s strict requirements, it was launched at the 1988 Homeopathic Conference (Richard’s partner, Annie, is a homeopath). Please note that because our Children's Strawberry toothpaste contains no fluoride it does not carry the BDHF seal. We have gone on record as stating that we would cease trading rather than comply with any compulsory testing regulations. It carries the important BDHF logo, which means Kingfisher has the approval of the British Dental Health Foundation - the best recommendation there is.

Kingfisher comes with the important British Dental Health Foundation approval which states that our toothpaste is a valuable aid to oral health.
We have written assurances that the Sumatran palm oil that we use comes from sustainable managed estates. We were particularly heartened by this because the trophy was awarded on the basis of voting at the show by retailers and wholesalers. Please note that our Children's Strawberry is fluoride-free and, consequently, does not carry the BDHF seal.
The growers are working closely with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on a Palm Roundtable initiative and are founder members of this organising committee. As no-one had actually tasted the toothpaste at this time we feel that all credit should go to our design team. The easiest way to find a retailer near you is to web search for a Health Store by your post code. We believe that working with local people to build a sustainable future for the land, the animals and them is a more constructive way forward than boycotting.

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