There are a few things you must know before hiring a web designer, so that your business website can work hard for you and will not go to waste. Okay, this is NOT normally included by most web designers (hey, some may not even know about SEO). Simply put, SEO is the process of making the text content (words and phrases) of a web page match what Internet users look for, and also help a site to gain high visibilty (ranking) in search results. If the service is included, it probably will just be simple on-site SEO, but it's better than nothing at all.
Right click on a webpage, then click "View Source", the source code will be displayed (do not be intimidated).
Sometimes the two functions overlap, some web hosting providers provide design services, and some web designers provide hosting services. The best for you is to register web hosting and domain name services with reliable primary web hosting providers. Web Safe ColorsWith RGB and Hex colors we are given a choice of over 16 million colors, which is fantastic. However, nowadays there are so few monitors out there which cannot display all 16 million colors that Web Safe colors are essentially irrelevant. The table below shows all 216 Web Safe colors, along with their RGB and Hex codes (click the thumbnail to view the full size file). Few weeks ago, RightBanners, a company focused on creating custom banners and landing pages, contacted me asking to review their service. Besides experiencing the service, I though this was a great chance to provide a handy freebie to WRD readers. I simply provided the logo, described the landing page I had in mind with the list of menu items and some of the content. I was satisfied with the service, they were always there to reply and things worked pretty fast. In the Introduction to HTML-tags section, we introduced HTML Color Codes briefly in the context of learning about html attributes.

Although HTML supports a number of color names such as red, green, blue, navy, orange, yellow and pink, these are not very subtle colors and probably will not be a sufficient color palette for a serious web designer. Although not as important as it once was, the 216 colors displayed above are the colors most guaranteed to display correctly in all browsers.
You're paying for your website -- as a shrewd businessperson, you'd want to get all the benefits from it. Have a look at the past projects or designs, if no sample is shown on the web design firm's site, then go elsewhere.
A template based design is, well, based on a ready made template -- the designer just changes some colours and images (and your business details of course).
But you should be aware that web designers may just re-sell hosting services that they lease from primary web hosting providers, these designers DO NOT own any web servers or data centers. However, this can cause some problems on VERY old monitors which can only display 256 colors. I certainly don't pay any attention to them any more, I just use whatever colors I want, but they still make popular choices.
I also shared examples of landing pages I liked so that RightBanners guys can have an idea of my style.
The free landing page template can be used in free or commercial websites with no attributions. This is why HTML allows you to pick a color from a huge range by specifying a hexadecimal Red-Green-Blue value.
It's called WebColor and it provides a palette of the 216 most safe colors for use on the web. The style attribute is one of those cool attributes with tons of power which we won't cover quite yet. If it's something like "Meta tags will be created for all pages", then it's still not good enough. For a new website, never accept table based layout design -- tables should only be used for displaying tabular data, NOT for design layout.

While web hosting providers provide you with computer space (24hours connected to the internet) for storing your web pages. When these monitors are asked to display a color other than one of the 256 they can show, they use a technique called dithering to approximate the color. If you are looking for a landing page or banner design service, you should definitely give them a try. Just click the color you want and the HTML Color Code will be copied to the Windows clipboard, ready for pasting into your page. A basic SEO should include optimization of meta tag (description), page title, header text and body text -- for ALL content pages.
Furthermore, your hosting and domain name will be fully under your control and you have direct access to the real hosting provider. You can either choose the color you are after from a chart or use a program that lets you select a color.
For a small or medium business, a standard site (brochure site) with ORIGINAL design should be around RM1000 or less. Because of this, there are a series of colors known as the Web Safe colors, which will display without dithering on any monitor. Template based website should of course cost much lesser -- it depends on the web design firm.
There are 216 Web Safe colors, and you can use any of them without having to worry about compatibility issues.

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