We all know how good it is to have correct clipart in a times of tight deadlines and creative block which, sooner or later, happens to all of us.
I’m glad you have taken interest in Dezignus and hopefully you'll find it useful and inspiring. As we all know, html is core technology of internet, which is used in structuring and presenting of world wide web, and css is used for create styles of websites.
You can feel free to download, edit and apply any template for both personal or business websites without any restriction. If you'll use this freebie in your tutorial with backlink to this page (use page title as a link text), I'll review your tutorial on my blog.

No doubt, html and css free web templates are very useful in making of websites, with short code modification you can create your website very quickly. From stunning Art Work to Amazing Graphics & Illustrations, We deliver useful information, latest trends and techniques, useful ideas, innovative approaches and tools.
Today most of my time I'm spending for maintaining and developing Dezignus and helping my friends in creating there blogs and projects. These free web templates can prove very helpful for designers and developers, they can download anytime and can use in their own projects.
Also if you are representing design magazine and would like to share my "free for all" files with your readers, contacts me to get permission.

Hope you will like this free html and css web templates collection, so let’s have a look below and enjoy.

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