I was practicing with Photoshop today and thought maybe someone could use these for something. The grungy japanese foliage is very lovely, using it for the current version of my website…thank you for sharing! 10 free website background images for springChris RobleyThe vernal equinox was yesterday, and for many, spring has already begun.
Are you looking for some great hi-res images to use as your website’s new background?

Well, HostBaby has designed 10 FREE background images that are light and spacious — background images that will remind your visitors spring is in the air. Now it is way easier to make your website’s background attractive and appealing that can highlight the design and push it into the spotlight. I have arranged a beautiful post for you so that you can make your websites’ layouts more stunning.Down below you can find 25 free simple black seamless patterns for website backgrounds. Give your website a new flavor by applying these black seamless patterns.You can also make your own pattern sets in Photoshop.

Download the below mentioned PNGs, just go to Photoshop (EDIT > DEFINE PATTERN), name it as you like and your pattern is ready.

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