Here at Christian Backgrounds we strive to produce and distribute only 100% usable, high resolution Christian themed backgrounds and PowerPoint slides at affordable prices - no filler or unusable images.
Below are a few free PowerPoint slides and free backgrounds to get you started and allow you to experience the resolution and quality we build into each and every graphic, background or slide we produce. The Christian backgrounds we create can be fully customized to create your very own personalized slideshow. The two images to the right are an example of our seamless integration between base graphics and framed backgrounds. Using Designer Sets we put together PowerPoint sermon outlines to make it quick and easy for you to setup your sermon.

PowerPoint sermon templates allow you to customize your own sermon while keeping a professional and consistent look.
All downloadable content on Christian Backgrounds is in jpeg or PowerPoint format (as indicated) and built at a resolution of 1024x768. All images are carefully designed to allow for effective text placement and overlay and are created with effective text contrast in mind. We take great pride in our workmanship and are confident that you will be pleased with the level of quality, usability and versatility each of our graphics and backgrounds offer. Cover, frame, sidebar, lower quarter, upper quarter and matte configurations allow you to maintain consistent background themes and graphic elements throughout your presentations.

The reason many of our backgrounds and slides contain no headings is to allow you to have complete control in developing your church's presentation in your own way. No more mundane presentations featuring a single background because you couldn't find any more appropriate graphics or images. We do not charge for their work, no benefits, but if you think it worthwhile to support this project, you can donate for it.

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