WYSIWYG or 'What You See Is What You Get' is a simple system of website building which is on its way to eliminate the prerequisite knowledge of HTML and other programming languages.
This category of website builders allows you to see exactly what your website will feature. Wix is a groundbreaking website which has everything you will require for building a business website of your own.
You can set up shop online with any of the gorgeous templates which are available at Shopify.
Sitey is undoubtedly one of the most popular online website builder for businesses small and big, which gives you free templates and 100% free website building tools.
Webs allows you to create amazing professionally designed websites with free website builders.
To begin with, you can choose from the Classic Drag and Drop builder and much newer builder which uses a huge array of pre-made customizable 'Stripes'. The vast reach of the Internet today has prompted lots of people to earn something out of it. Whether you are looking for Advice, Information or a Tutorial on your hobby or interest, the internet returns as many as thousands of results to you. As this is true, why don’t you start a website that will offer something useful to your readers? Search engines like Google have bots that crawl sites and their content to identify how they can be helpful to user searches. The Google bots will crawl your site (check your site) for its content and see how these answer to questions. When this happens, advertisers will want to post their ads on your Website which comes with a fee.
There are two kinds of websites. One is the Free Website and the other is the Paid Website. If you don’t want shell out any amount of money to start your own Website, there is actually a handful of Free options to start one.
In fact, you don’t  have to know coding, programming, or be knowledgeable in any Software to be able to start a website these days. So here are the most popular places online amongst the hundreds of Free Options to create your own Website. Most of these free options below already have templates and themes for you to choose from depending on the nature of your blog or business.
Regardless of your technical know-how, you can easily create a design of your own with the templates and themes provided. Wix provides you with a lot of tools to customize the color, font, background and overall design to make your website unique.
Yola has hundreds of ad-free customizable templates to choose from including integrations with You Tube, Google Maps and Paypal to name a few.
A free drag and drop Website Builder that’s easy to use and  has a vast gallery of templates and styles.
Another free website builder that allows you to control basic features like colors and fonts, an to the more advanced options of changing typography and dimensions. Tumblr is a popular tool to create your own personalized website and allow you to post text, photos, links, videos, and music form your mobile phones, email, and desktops. Create a website even if you don’t know coding and edit it anywhere using your Iphone or Ipad.
In fact, it is best that you choose the same domain name as your business name for easier retention and to avoid confusing your users. Your website needs a web hosting company that basically gives you space to create web pages, scripts and other materials including email addresses.
As there are so many web hosting companies available online, you will have to make a clear choice. As soon as WordPress has already been installed, your website is all set to go live but you might want to customize and personalize first your website so that it caters to what your target users actually need.
As soon as you have already customized everything, provided all the information and content you desire to post, then it’s time to get that site go live. If you Build a Website, you are not only helping provide information and offer service but you are also giving yourself a chance to earn more.

This kind of a web builder is amazingly suitable for all online entrepreneurs since it takes up very less time and has tons of commerce friendly features.
There are tons of plugins, free and premium which can be added to the basic template code for extended functions.
From fashion and apparel stores to online booking for your restaurant you can choose from all kinds of services from wix repository to create the perfect website. You have complete control over your website including its domain, name, layout, content and colors.
Even with the basic packages you can sell unlimited products with no imposition of transaction fees. The pixel perfect designs can be integrated with breakpoints for smart phone and tablet viewing. You can create fully functioning online stores as well as an online front for your successful landbased business. IM Creator brings to you the simplest, coding-free way of creating websites in only a few minutes. And yes, the number of Websites has increased over the years that cater to just about any topic. If it is found useful, then it will rank in the search results pages of the giant search engine.
You cannot change the domain name but you may insert a name of your choice such as your business name. Jimdo also has a nice template on making an online store for people wanting to start a business online. It has templates that allow you to collect payment thru Paypal, List Products on E-Bay and give real-time statistics to keep track of your website traffic. When a user types it on the address bar of a browser, your website will appear instead of another one. It is advised that you start with the cheapest one and then just upgrade later on when the website has already grown.
It is, in fact, among the best platforms used by both beginners and experts who want to create a website as their content management system. There are free themes that you can use for starters but you can always get those premium themes once your website is already up and going.
Alongside with general website builders there are lots of specific website builders like for photographers or designer and of course there are free website builders and premium ones. Enjoy professional email marketing services, instant connectivity to social media, SEO compatibility, integration with Google analytics and much more with the latest WYSIWYG builders.
Edit your own website template; explore the free SEO tools which come with each download package and business email settings to set up the best online store. The competent SEO tools with all the templates put your website high up on any SRL, the ShoutOut Email Marketing strategies are also a big help for new e-stores. A common feature among these templates is drag and drop website building; you can drag and drop images and text to change layouts and build your website.
You can also experience the luxury of animating any object on your webpage without writing any code. Wix also helps you get in touch with your guests and customers from the beginning by providing you with Wix contact forms, blogs, comments sections and customer review sections which can all be managed by the admin. This is a unique webfront which helps you create a stunning online store with amazing services and adverts which help you reach out to a larger crowd. You can even go on a trial run before deciding on the services and packages you want for your world-class business website.
There are a plethora of writing tools which help you in making your website wonderfully unique, for example web fonts, smart guides, video tool, snapping feature, SEO tools etc. You can choose from a wide array of scalable websites which allow you to use the same design for either one page or a hundred pages.
All of these templates and themes from Website Builder are designed to be responsive and Google friendly. All wix templates are embedded with social media widgets and feeds which keep you connected and trendy.
SquareSpace has created its own cult following by popularizing the idea of abandoned checkout recovery and real time carrier shopping.

While building your website do not forget to integrate the Google analytics and SEO tools which are offered by this amazing, free website building service.
The drag and drop editor allows you to drag and drop any image, text or even video to replace the template demo content within seconds. Bigcommerce templates have a unique feature of built-in blogs which allows customers to weigh in with product reviews. Social media integration with each template contributes considerably to effective marketing strategies; get access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest with embedded one click buttons. When you create websites with IM Creator you get guaranteed unlimited hosting and bandwidth. With Website Builder you can now enjoy the experience of drag and drop editing which makes creating websites lightning fast and hassle free. Wix team also prides themselves with the best customer support in the market; expect assistance from experts at any hour of the day. You can get the best font options from TypeKit and custom CSS codes for your unique website design. You can also maintain a blog with the help of plug-in integration with the Sitey templates. Advanced features include amazing graphic controls and design features like opacity control and redefinition of corner radius.
With Bigcommerce social media marketing remains the strong suit for all budding businesses; experience smooth integration with social media like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to simply begin with.
Webs helps to make your business website mobile with 100% responsive designs and pixel perfect finish. All SEO tools are complementary with your website and the perfect HTML code ensures that your website loads fast.
Along with 24x7 customer support you will also get reliable hosting with a unique and free domain name for your ecommerce website. You can try out most of these features offered by weebly for free before deciding on a template.
These templates allow you to integrate professional mailing services like MailChimp to send out marketing emails. Sitey makes it a cakewalk to set up shop online with their round the clock customer service for any website related problem. These templates are best suited for all kinds of online stores; easy integration of e-commerce like the Ecwid E-Commerce widget makes business with Webydo created websites a breeze.
Make use of the smartlists and email integrations to boost your marketing plans and attract web traffic. With XPRS you can sell anything in your webstore by adding a price; each template comes with completely reliable checkout plugins and web analytics plugins. They have unique features to support social media integration and drive traffic through search engines and social media advertising. You can save tons of time and money by integrating your shopify template with Xero, QuickBook and other accounting services. All these templates come with SEO tools and editors which allow video and media player integration with your business website. Besides social media and listing plugins their templates are endowed with advanced web analytics which helps you boost your market with buyer statistics, consumer behavior and market responses.
Stay connected; stay popular with IM Creator templates and their embedded social network buttons which takes you and your products to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with a single click. Shopify also features a web builder and full featured blog besides SEO tools, Global currency support and over 70 international and verified payment pathways. Bigcommerce analytics is another useful integration which helps you monitor your business growth; it can boost traffic by 50% and orders by another 300% using marketing reports.

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