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Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. Google India has announced ‘India Get Your Business Online’, a first-of-its kind program to offer free websites, domain & hosting services to small medium businesses in India.
If you want to make your website work harder, you’ll have access to steady stream of free tips and tools from the Getting Indian Business Online team and a free coupon of worth Rs.
After the first year, SMBs can choose to pay a monthly pay-as-you-go to maintain their website using hostgator. At the end of the first year, they’ll have to pay a nominal charge if they wish to renew their domain name.
How much will it cost after year 1?Your first 12 months for the domain registration and hosting are absolutely free.

If you Choose this Option you just Forwarding the .tk Domain to your already created website url.
Go to Settings>Third party domains there you will get some Datas like host and destination. The initiative aims to break down the barriers that stop small businesses from getting online – by offering a quick, easy and free tool to set up and host a website. Businesses will also get a customized domain .in name and free tools, training and resources to succeed online. In this site, we have collection of ppt backgrounds and clip art for your great PowerPoint presentations. PAN card is your national identity proof and it is something we would use for the validation of your resident status in India. Most advertizers on the Internet will try to rip you off by giving you a free domain only if you buy their other overpriced services.

All free domains here on our list come with DNS support and absolutely no ads, so you can host them wherever you prefer. And despite looking differently, for all practical purposes free domains work exactly like dot-coms. It involves no cash, no catch, no hassle, no ads, no points, and no referrals: dive right in! Whenever you see it, you can hover your mouse over this sign to get more information: That's right, more information.
If you are having trouble understanding some terms, see if you can find their meaning in this short glossary of domain-related terms.

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