Soon after you’ve collected and verified your contacts list, you can start promoting your products or services by mass emailing. Works with any Gmail account (Gmail account not included) Gmail Account is now POP3 and SMTP. MailWasher makes it easy to distinguish between good email and bad email, simply by using colours (which you can personalize to suit) and giving you the status of each message.
Mail Extractor (MailExtr) is an advanced tool for creating mailing lists from files on your local computer disks and shared network disks. WorldCast is a free two-in-one tool: A free bulk email software for non commercial use and also an e-mail address validator.
Mach5 Mailer allows you to send personalized email messages to customers, from any ODBC data source including Access and Excel, with conditional content, HTML formatting, or attachments. There are many varied Tools to enhance your Email Experience and some of them are listed above with a small description of what they do. Established email marketing software vendor AtomPark Software, Inc., has officially released a brand-new product called Atomic Lead Extractor. Many customers asked for software that can retrieve phone numbers and Skype contacts, so this is what we’ve created. Atomic Lead Extractor allows marketers to quickly locate contact information on the websites they are interested in. Konstantyn Makarov, CEO of AtomPark Software, Inc., said, “Atomic Lead Extractor is a huge timesaver for Internet marketers. According to Makarov, the software is unique because it can find email addresses, phone and fax numbers, along with Skype, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ contacts.
Developers worked on Atomic Lead Extractor for almost a year, thoroughly vetting the software in a community of beta-testers. Marketers face many challenges when trying to contact potential customers or partners for the first time.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. It is a lightweight and powerful utility designed to extract email addresses from various sources: local files, websites, search engines, etc.
All you need to do is to type particular keywords and email extractor will collect the top ranked pages directly from the most popular search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or other search engines you want.

Just run the software then give the email credentials and it will automatically configure outlook express for any given gmail account. It gives you the ability to check for new messages on multiple POP3 servers and preview your messages without opening your e-mail client. The very good thing about Mailwasher is that it can send a bounce message to the sender that this address does not exist, if you feel that the sender is a SPAM generator. Usually you have your Internet Explorer cache enabled and if you surf the web a lot, there can be thousands of files (typically – 20-50 thousands). Most useful Tool for Web Masters who can now verify their Email Lists in txt form to Remove Duplicate Email ID’s.
It detects many of the common invalid addresses that exists on many emailing lists, reporting errors like bad email addresses, time-out operations, etc., providing a detailed log of the entire delivering process. The program also includes an built in mail delivery server (SMTP) for simple use, and a scheduler so you can send your mailing during low-bandwidth or idle hours.
This software will help clients quickly find email addresses, phone numbers, and Skype, IM and other online contacts. Users can enter a list of websites to visit, from which the software collects all contact information. Our products work well with each other, so the contacts found by the new software can effortlessly be sent to our online list manager, email verifier or Atomic Mail Sender,” Makarov added.
While sending an email to a prospect is a normal practice not forbidden by the CAN-SPAM Act, in reality, many of these emails end up in the intended recipients’ “spam” folders.
This utility features a unique advanced keyword search, that doesn’t exist in other popular email extractors. GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google Gmail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium. The application’s other features include easy account setup, password protection, User Interface customizations, and reading your messages in HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text.
Group Mail Free will make the News letter sending process effortless – Best of all, you can use the award winning Group Mail Free for as long as you want, for FREE!! Run the Tool, show the email list file and click start and it smoothly removes the duplicate emails from the list of files. The program is easy to use, you can preview what your recipients will see with the message preview, and then click Send for fast multi-threaded delivery.

Another option is to type a keyword into the search box—Atomic Lead Extractor will query search engines and visit every website found in the search results. Often they go to Google, find related websites, copy them to a spreadsheet, find email addresses and phone numbers on each website, and add them to a file. However, Makarov advises against hasty purchases: “All of our software is shareware, which means that you can always try before you buy. Said Makarov, “Picking up a phone and giving a call is a more effective tactic to get through to a person than sending an email. Email Extractor is a perfect tool for building your customers’ email lists using the files from your mailbox.
An SSL Plugin also is available for download, which allows you to retrieve e-mail from POP3 servers that accept secure connections as GMail. Using direct multi-threaded delivery, it ensures 100% usage of your connection capabilities.
Attachments are automatically encoded and can come from a field in your database so different contacts can get different attachments. You can use your favourite email client, be it Outlook, Thunderbird, or whatever else you like and connect to Yahoo! Mach5 Mailer supports advanced scripting features that enable you to create dynamic messages by using script commands from the built-in language or and external script engine like PHP, VB Scrip or JScript. The evaluation version is limited to sending 200 emails at once and adds a tagline to the messages. The Email Extractor is an extremely fast email spider and supports multi-threaded page loading.
Problems: First Click on the Autodetect Button for the software to detect your IE Cache directory, if you get no search results. Also select the out put file path for the out put text files and check the Include Subfolders, Overwrite and Remove duplicates check Box for better results.

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