An election lawyer urged President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday to attend his proclamation on Monday for his “millions of adoring fans” and as a show of respect for Congress.
Duterte, the first president who hail from Mindanao, won the presidency by a landslide with 16,601,997 votes. The lawyer said that while it was not mandatory for winners to be present at the proclamation, Duterte’s presence would supposedly show respect for Congress.
The 71-year-old President-elect is standing firm on his decision not to attend his proclamation on Monday.
He will be represented by his lawyers during the event where he will be proclaimed alongside Vice President-elect Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo.
President-elect Rodrigo Duterte (right) said it never crossed his mind to give Vice President-elect Leni Robredo a position in his Cabinet.
DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Contrary to what his representatives are saying, President-elect Rodrigo Dutere said it never crossed his mind to give Vice President-elect Leni Robredo a position in his Cabinet. Duterte said he was still thinking of what posts to give his “loyal” friends who helped him win the presidency. He contradicted a statement by his losing running mate Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, who said Duterte was considering a post tailored for Robredo. Explaining the earlier statements of his allies, Duterte said his spokespersons never meant that a job was already waiting for Robredo.
Duterte denied that he was only favoring his friends and fraternity brothers, saying that would be “stupid.” He said that he had appointees who were not his childhood friends. He blamed his limited social circle to his lack of interest in socializing when he was still a student and even when he entered politics three decades ago.
CITY OF CAUAYAN, Isabela — Five gunmen on Friday hijacked a trailer truck carrying P7-million worth of rice along the highway in Nueva Ecija, a belated police report said Sunday. The shipment of 750 cavans owned by Reynaldo Montemayor of San Fermin village here was being delivered from Metro Manila when the gunmen intercepted the truck in the town of Carranglan.
The truck driver and two of his helpers told police that the robbers took their mobile phones after commandeering their vehicle. CABARROGUIS, Quirino — A technician of the Quirino Electric Cooperative was electrocuted on Saturday (May 28) after fixing a power line in Maddela town. Agpawa had not strapped on his safety gear when he climbed the electric post to fix a damaged cable that was causing intermittent brownouts in the area, said Chief Insp.
The lineman had completed the repairs when he accidentally touched the live under belt wire. The ad for Qiaobi laundry detergent drops shows a black man entering a room and attempting to flirt with an Asian woman.
Cincinnati Zoo officials shot and killed Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla, after the animal picked up and dragged a three-year-old boy that fell into his enclosure on Saturday. WASHINGTON, United States — Workers at the Cincinnati Zoo in the US state of Ohio shot and killed a gorilla on Saturday after a three-year-old boy fell into its enclosure, officials said. The boy crawled through a barrier into the enclosure and fell into a moat around 4 pm (1600 GMT), zoo director Thane Maynard told reporters. Witnesses said the gorilla dragged the screaming boy around the habitat, local media reported. The zoo’s dangerous animal response team shot and killed the gorilla around 10 minutes after the boy first entered it. He was hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening, media quoted the police as saying.
The zoo’s response team decided to shoot the gorilla rather than tranquilize him because a tranquilizer would not have taken effect immediately, Maynard said. President-elect Rodrigo Duterte mimics his classmates who already wear glasses in order to read. DAVAO CITY, Philippines — It’s final: Rodrigo Duterte will be a no-show when Congress proclaims him as the country’s next President on Monday.
Instead, his lawyers will represent him in the proclamation deemed a historical moment for election winners, who are not required to attend the event. On Monday, the Senate and House will reconvene in a joint session to proclaim the winners of the presidential and vice presidential races in the May 9 polls. Congress will also proclaim Vice President-elect Leni Robredo supposedly alongside Duterte.
Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, Duterte’s running mate in the last campaign, also said that the outgoing mayor of Davao City had never attended any of his proclamations in his 30 years in public office.
Duterte’s executive assistant Bong Go said the mayor, whose term ends on June 30 as his presidency begins, might just give a message here in the province after the proclamation. Professor Benjamin Diokno is being offered to head the Department of Budget and Management, according to President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Gibraltar, which sits at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is a British territory ceded by Spain to the United Kingdom in 1713. LONDON, United Kingdom — Spain may try to force the issue of joint sovereignty with Britain over Gibraltar in the event of a Brexit, the territory’s chief minister said in an interview aired Saturday. Fabian Picardo told Sky News television that Spain might close the frontier gates with the British overseas territory if Britain votes to leave the European Union in a membership referendum on June 23, choking the peninsula of workers and land access to the continent. Spain ceded Gibraltar to Britain in perpetuity in 1713 but has long argued that it should be returned to Spanish sovereignty, and the territory remains a source of diplomatic tension. In 2002, the Labor government of prime minister Tony Blair said Britain was willing to share sovereignty with Spain over Gibraltar. The territory, which is internally self-governing, swiftly held a referendum on the idea, in which 98.5 percent voted no. Spain shut its gates on the solitary crossing with Gibraltar in 1969, fully reopening them in 1985 ahead of it joining the EU’s predecessor, the European Economic Community, the following year.
Inhabitants had to rely on air and sea links, typically via Britain or Morocco, to reach the other side of the 1.2-kilometre border. With less than four weeks to go until the vote, the Remain campaign is on 53 percent support and the Leave camp on 47 percent, according to the What UK Thinks website’s average of the last six polls.
Demonstrators at a rally supporting Kurdistan hold placards protesting against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in front of the White House on August 16, 2014 in Washington, DC. BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraq’s elite forces deployed around Fallujah on Saturday, marking a new phase in efforts to retake the jihadist bastion, as concern grew for trapped civilians there and in neighboring Syria. After almost a week of shaping operations around Fallujah, the arrival of the counter-terrorism service (CTS) signaled that an assault on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group inside the city may be imminent. The deployment of Iraq’s best-trained and most battle-tested unit came as US-backed forces pressed simultaneous offensives against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.
Abdelwahab al-Saadi, the top commander in charge of the Fallujah operation, said the CTS, police and tribal fighters had reached two camps south and east of the city.
Fallujah, 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Baghdad, is one of the two remaining major Iraqi cities still in ISIS hands. Raqa is home to an estimated 300,000 people and residents have been paying smugglers $400 (350 euros) each to try to flee after ISIS tightened restrictions on people leaving, the activist group Raqa is Being Slaughtered Silently has said.
Around 165,000 displaced Syrians are also trapped between the closed Turkish border and the town of Azaz, sparking UN concern. Concern is also mounting for an estimated 50,000 civilians thought to be trapped inside Fallujah. The estimated 1,000 jihadists still in Fallujah are suspected of using civilians as human shields, but the UN refugee agency also said Iraqi forces had blocked supply routes, preventing people from leaving.
Tens of thousands of Iraqi forces, including the Hashed al-Shaabi umbrella group dominated by Tehran-backed Shiite militias, began a huge operation on May 22-23 to retake it.
In Syria, heavy fighting between ISIS and rebels gripped the outskirts of the opposition-held town of Marea on Saturday, a monitor and activist said. ISIS attacked mainly from the east and north using tanks and two car bombs, said Maamoun Khateeb, a journalist and activist from Azaz. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said the fighting had encircled some 13,500 people in the town. ISIS swept through rebel-held territory in Aleppo province early Friday in a shock offensive, cutting off the main road between Marea and Azaz.
Further east, US-led coalition warplanes targeted ISIS positions north of Raqa, killing 45 ISIS fighters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. But the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurdish-Arab alliance fighting ISIS, was struggling to make further progress five days into its offensive, it said.
Turkey’s president meanwhile condemned US support for the alliance after AFP pictures revealed US commandos wearing the insignia of its Kurdish units, which Ankara has branded a terror group. Baron Pierre de Coubertin and the last of his disciples, Avery Brundage, must be turning in their graves. This year, boxing, the last amateur holdout of the major Olympic sports, surrendered; it opened its competition to pros, unable to resist the prospect of marquee names like Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather slugging it out for three rounds in the welterweight or light welterweight final in Rio.
The International Amateur Boxing Association (Aiba), the world’s governing body in amateur boxing, has removed the “A” word from its name and is now known as the International Boxing Association, with the same acronym. Aiba president Wu Ching-Kuo of Taiwan appears willing to bend over backward to accommodate pros in the Rio Olympics. Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson thinks it’s a ridiculous idea, not only because he’s afraid that pros might eat amateurs alive, but also because of the strong possibility that amateurs might embarrass pros. Even Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s longtime promoter, bucks the idea of his ward fighting in the Olympics—probably because there’s no money to be made there. A president chooses his or her official family according to his or her personal standards for vetting who can best help transform his or her thoughts and dreams into reality.
To be sure, many of them have served in previous administrations or have been involved in high-profile happenings. Setting aside their prior association or celebrity status, what is critically important is that Duterte trusts them and believes in them. Under the doctrine of qualified political agency, their acts are deemed to be the acts of the President unless rejected or altered by him. Remember that it was Duterte’s unpredictable persona and unorthodox utterances that catapulted him to a landslide victory.
Understandably, the incoming chief executive would want his Cabinet members to be like him—strong-willed, decisive, daring, transparent, unorthodox, and able to deliver on his grand promises. The confirmation of department secretaries by the Commission on Appointments is not a cakewalk either. The Constitution bars Cabinet members from holding any other office or employment during their tenure. They would be well advised to be familiar with the Constitution, the Anti-Graft Law, Ethical Standards Law and relevant portions of the Administrative Code.
The 2016 elections encountered a disillusioned electorate that deeply sought what it believed to be genuine change. I remember a story about a 10-wheel truck that got stuck in an underpass because the driver ignored the vertical clearance limit.
Let us learn from Mary, who, through it all, continued to listen and to obey her Lord and Master. Most political analysts have no problem in saying that the winner in the 2016 presidential election, Rodrigo Duterte, has earned a clear mandate. Duterte did not win by a majority, but by a simple plurality of just over 39 percent of the total votes cast for president. Yet, to many Filipino voters, majority support is not as important as winning by a “landslide.”  The focus is on the margin by which the winner has defeated his or her closest rival.
But, beyond these ambiguous statements, what was said during the campaign can hardly serve as a guide for determining what the people’s will is on a lot of important issues. Were the Filipino voters rejecting democracy and expressing a preference for strongman rule when they chose Duterte?
If a mandate is a command given by the voters, what exactly is the content of this command?  I don’t think anyone knows. Knowledge, in this context, would have to assume a deep understanding of the reasoning that went into every vote, the contingencies that determined the candidates’ messaging and shaped media reporting, the role of campaign finance and machinery, etc. There’s a saying, “It’s all over but the shouting,” and it is as true for elections as it is for any hotly-contested affair. But apart from this nail-biting fight to the finish for the vice presidential post, it’s widely conceded that the 2016 polls were generally clean, peaceful and orderly, and therefore credible. One big reason that the voting public has generally accepted the results of the voting is that the Commission on Elections heeded a Supreme Court order to reinstate the voter’s receipt, which it had earlier scrapped on grounds that it would delay the voting proceedings. Gordon is familiar with automated elections because he authored the Automated Election Law during a previous Senate term. Because of dilly-dallying on the part of the Department of Education and Education Secretary Armin Luistro, the school-based immunization program for the HPV vaccine, which protects girls from developing cervical cancer, has been scrapped.
At a recent media forum, Garin said providing the HPV vaccine as part of a school-based program (initially in the 20 poorest provinces but now expanded to 47) would have been ideal since it would “capture” the young girls (at least nine years old) most in need of it. But Luistro expressed reservations about including the HPV vaccine in the school-based immunization program, citing the fears of conservative elements that protecting girls from cancer at an early age would give them “permission” to be sexually promiscuous later in life. Since May is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, Garin urged parents to bring their eligible daughters to health centers to have them immunized, since the HPV vaccine protects girls from other diseases like genital warts and vaginal and anal cancers.
Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death among Filipino women, next only to breast cancer. The tax imposed on alcohol and tobacco products had a double purpose, aside from collecting more taxes. Thus, there is also a public health reason for law enforcement agencies to ensure that the “sin taxes” are imposed and collected properly. In fact, the Bureaus of Customs and of Internal Revenue, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the Philippine National Police have been engaged in a nationwide campaign against fake cigarettes since last year, with raids on stores selling such contraband. After all, it’s not just the foregone income of legitimate cigarette manufacturers at stake, but also the health of the nation at large, given the programs that the collection of “sin taxes” has made possible. Beyond endangering lives, more frequent and stronger storms could cost many billions of dollars, owing to infrastructure damage and lost revenues from farming, fisheries, and tourism. With the human and the financial costs of climate change attracting more attention than ever, now is the time to shift resources toward risk reduction. Coastal and marine ecosystems have considerable potential to mitigate the effects of storms and other risks, especially when combined with traditional built infrastructure. At the national level, some of the most at-risk island countries are taking important steps.
Even the insurance industry—comprising what may be the most risk-averse companies in the world—sees the potential in natural solutions. According to one Swiss Re study, Barbados loses the equivalent of 4 percent of its GDP every year to hurricane-related costs.
In the face of rising climate and disaster risk, investments in nature-based solutions can protect lives and safeguard prosperity in a cost-effective manner—all while preserving imperiled natural ecosystems worldwide. This patriarchal nation is so obsessed with blaming the woman whenever she becomes a victim of sexual harassment.
I’d like to believe that I belong in a progressive nation that sees men and women as equal counterparts, no double standards. Since then I have not celebrated a birthday again, not even when I turned 18, which should have been a huge deal for a girl who is entering womanhood.
My birthday means having a decent amount in my savings account when all I have is just enough for my daily sustenance.
Fourth, leave the situation that does not make you happy, whether it’s a job or a relationship.
Right now I am assigned at the intensive care unit and almost every day, lives are taken away.
I’m no fan of birthday celebrations, but I’ve promised myself that from now on, birthdays will be about optimism and hope for the days ahead. RELEASE OF POWS Five police officers captured by the New People’s Army in Paquibato, Davao City on April 16 were turned over to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on April 25 on orders of the communist-led National Democratic Front.
It is likely that the less trumpeted yet long-awaited peace agreement between the Philippine government (GPH) and the National Democratic Front (NDF) may be achieved by the next administration sooner than we all expected.
Yet, forging an agreement and making an agreement stick are two separate challenges, of which the latter is doubly difficult.
A durable agreement will require an outcome that is inclusive and a process that employs out-of-the-box approaches and solutions distinct from previous peace negotiations with both the NDF and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The resumption of the peace process started even before the new administration was sworn in.
The latter quickly secured a face-to-face meeting with the incoming President, albeit through Skype in contrast to the meeting between President Aquino and MILF Chair Murad Ebrahim in Tokyo. Duterte likewise announced that he was open to a ceasefire and the release of all political prisoners to enable their direct participation in the negotiations. Here was the olive branch being offered to the NDF devoid of the usual anticommunist rhetoric and the call to surrender, and free from the worn-out “talk-and-fight” parameters of the past that prevented the achievement of a durable peace.
Trust is a critical ingredient and previous negotiations collapsed because of the lack of it.

In this case, the enormous social capital between Duterte and the CPP-NPA-NDF (CNN) will certainly be an important and crucial factor.
Additionally, Duterte possesses the status and confidence that many in the insurgent hierarchy, including the rebel-commanders on the ground, recognize and respect.
A peace agreement that excludes powerful segments in society can actually reinforce rather than reduce violence. A robust and inclusive process is necessary at the outset to secure the widest possible buy-in from strategic stakeholders in society. The inclusive approach instead means that those who wield power and are vital in cloaking a peace agreement with legitimacy and authority must be brought into the negotiations at the first instance. It is necessary to turn the current negotiations into a genuine political settlement that shapes how the central state deals with polarization, dissent and violent challenges to its rule. An enabling environment must also be created based on honest and credible commitments and the willingness to accept the risks that abound on both sides of this conflict.
The immediate reconstitution of the Joint Agreement on Security and Immunity Guarantees (Jasig) is central to testing this commitment to each other.
In the previous round of negotiations, the work of the peace panels was dislocated by the arrest of CNN personalities and the refusal to release these personalities because of the so-called inability to verify the identities of NDF staff and consultants. Instead, the impasse from the Jasig contaminated the rest of the talks, including prior agreements reached with previous administrations, such as The Hague Joint Declaration. An enabling environment must, therefore, include a provision for prisoner releases, whether wholesale or partial and calibrated, and the requirement that released prisoners directly participate in the GPH-NDF peace process.
It further includes directing government prosecutors to stop the filing of criminal cases for political and rebellion-related offenses, to swiftly release prisoners as ordered by the courts and to back-pedal on outstanding criminal cases already filed—an incentive that whistle-blowers often get. Finally, creating an enabling environment must include the herculean effort to undertake a constitutional reform process that marches in step with the peace processes. Back-channel processes often precede formal discussions to speed up the process and facilitate a settlement.
In this regard, the simultaneous, rather than sequential, working of all the relevant panels on social and economic reforms (Caser), political and constitutional reforms (PCR), and the end of hostilities and disposition of forces (EH-DOF) is important. The search for safe spaces here and abroad and a more active engagement with the Norwegian third-party facilitator, including allowing the NDF to harness as many consultants and staff as possible will help to turn the process into an effective mass movement for peace.
Studies on conflict suggest that working toward scheduled or indefinite ceasefires can deflect the attention of the panels from the root causes of the conflict and exhaust the available goodwill even before the substantive issues are addressed. However, working on the root causes should not delay the delivery of immediate economic and political benefits to those yearning for an end to violence and instability in their lives.
A central issue here is an agreement for an indefinite ceasefire that can help get the wider public engaged in the process.
Both sides need to be aware and must regularly monitor the human and economic costs of the conflict.
In the southern region of Mindanao alone where the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the New People’s Army (NPA) are at loggerheads, per-capita and per-kilometer conflict incidence plus the total human costs in terms of deaths, injuries and displacement are more than double those registered in the five provinces of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, according to the Mindanao conflict databases of International Alert UK.
The lack of knowledge about the scale and magnitude of violent conflict partly explains why a narrow constituency exists for the GPH-NDF process in contrast to the GPH-MILF process. Getting reliable information on violent conflict is also crucial in dealing with issues of transitional justice after a settlement is secured. This must be taken to heart because it underscores the essentially fragile nature of peace processes in which the fate of the whole nation is placed in the hands of a few negotiators and their principals. We only need to look back at the experience of the GPH-MILF peace panels following the Mamasapano tragedy to realize the fragility of political settlements—whether these have been institutionalized into law. Worse, a failed experiment that raises the highest expectations normally leads to bloodier outcomes and deeper cleavages in society as evidenced in the conflict-insensitive and hate language that greeted Muslims following the incident. Indeed, the contagion effects of a failed process is clearly evident in the Mamasapano case when the GPH-NDF peace process became one of the costliest yet unrecognized casualties of the bloodshed.
Communications work is central to avoiding the same pitfalls and perils in the case of the GPH-NDF peace process. Already, the intramurals in this peace process are being covered extensively in the media, with both sides communicating directly with each other. However, when the President is sworn in, Congress is convened, the first formal negotiation is undertaken and the early days are over, both panels must start communicating with the broader society as well. Most of us have probably given up on the thought that the communist insurgency would end in a lasting peace during our lifetime.
The British-American political activist and revolutionary Thomas Paine once remarked that he would rather deal with violent conflict himself in his time, rather than to have his children inherit war and live with it. This rather hopeful yet pessimistic account of a lasting peace was shattered in the past two weeks. Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, right, with his daughter, Holly Branson, tour the grounds of the Los Angeles Amity Foundation with its vice president, Mark Faucette, middle, in Los Angeles on Nov. British billionaire and philanthropist Sir Richard Branson was back in Manila last week after two decades to speak before 800 people, composed of the country’s business elite. Richard Branson goes by the belief that having an idea that you think will change the world is enough reason to go out there and do it.
The eccentric businessman’s current radical endeavor is Virgin Galactic, a pioneer in space tourism, which he hopes can make commercial space travel safe and affordable.
Without a lot of capital, Branson needed to “use himself” and his crazy antics to make sure Virgin got on the front pages of the newspapers. Two years after, Branson attempted to break another record to get Virgin on the map — to be the first to cross the Atlantic in a hot air balloon. For the business magnate with more than 400 businesses under his belt, there is no better way to learn than by trying and failing.
If you’re looking for the secret sauce to Virgin Group’s multitude of successful businesses, it’s quality product. Besides being an entrepreneur, Richard Branson is also a humanitarian, which is evident in his leadership style of putting people first. Giving a few company policies as examples, he states, “When people want to go on holidays, they can, they take as long a holiday as they want. Branson, who is part of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, along with several former world leaders, including Kofi Annan, insists that a business can be more than “just a money-making machine.” With their reach, resources and impact, businesses can make people’s lives better and be a force for good by putting people and the planet at par with profit.
DAVAO CITY—Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte warned local power companies he would open the market to foreign firms to bring cheap and stable power supply to the country if the local utilities didn’t shape up and deliver better services to consumers. Duterte said he would ask foreign investors if they would be interested in building power plants in the country. Duterte said he would keep power facilities owned by the government in the hands of the government. Among these are the Agus hydropower plants in the two Lanao provinces and Pulangi hydropower facility in Bukidnon province. Duterte said plans to privatize these government facilities “should not be applied yet at this time” because private power firms cannot even provide a sufficient supply of electricity. Earlier, Duterte said he was amenable to the idea of amending the Constitution to remove the restriction on foreign ownership of companies in the Philippines.
Duterte said opening the country’s power sector to foreign investors would be more beneficial to consumers than selling government-owned power assets. The Aquino administration planned to sell Agus and Pulangui to private investors in accordance with a provision in the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001, but it was met with opposition from several sectors in Mindanao, including electric cooperatives. I wish I had the answer to keep my parents alive for another 34 years (they are both 66 years old).
You cannot help but get thoughts like this when cancer pays your family a visit and overextends its stay. By November 2014, after undergoing eight sessions of a procedure called R-CHOP under the supervision of our genius doctors at Makati Medical Center (Dr.
The bad news is lymphoma comes back like an obsessed lover and after a few months, it found its way to my dad’s brain. My dad’s brain has been saved (Hallelujah!) and his eyesight regained (thanks to neuro-opthalmologist Dr.
I want to give credit to these two—Superman Ephraim and Wonderwoman Baby—who are celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary today, a year after being told all we could do was palliative care. While the journey has been challenging (an understatement), by the grace of God, and the unyielding spirit of Superman, we have never stopped having fun. I have never attended any proclamation in my life,” Duterte said in media briefing late Saturday evening.
The Vice President-elect has said she wanted to pursue the antipoverty programs of the government.
He spent his college days in Manila, where he earned his degree in political science at the Lyceum of the Philippines University.
I have never attended any proclamation in my life,” Duterte said in a media briefing at a hotel here in his home province late Saturday. Diokno on Sunday declined to comment on President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s announcement that he was being offered the top post of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).
Iraqi elite forces have deployed around Fallujah, one of two key cities still occupied by the Islamist terrorist group.
The last bastion of amateurism, which they nurtured and so jealously guarded in the Olympic movement for more than a century, is about to collapse. Some say it was the French aristocrat’s way of keeping the “working class” out of the Games.
Much to the chagrin of the purists in sports, the self-anointed and self-perpetuating guardians of the Olympic spirit opened the Games to all professionals starting in 1992. He is said to have dangled a “wild card” invitation to lure Pacquiao into his Olympic trap.
But this wheeler-dealer’s argument against pitting pros against amateurs remains valid: “The idea that Manny Pacquiao would face off against some 17-year-old kid who has no professional experience is not only stupid. For this reason, if for no other, incoming President Rodrigo Duterte deserves sufficient leeway in choosing the members of his Cabinet.
Critics have been too picky with his announced choices, undercutting them even before they have taken their seats. I am referring to Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez, Silvestre Bello II, Perfecto Yasay Jr., Hermogenes Esperon, Vitaliano Aguirre II, Salvador Medialdea, Art Tugade, Alfonso Cusi and Salvador Panelo.
Given all these, and the resulting extraordinarily high expectations of our people, his Cabinet members will be intensely scrutinized every moment of their incumbency. Daily, they will be headlined, columnized, broadcast, texted, Twittered, YouTubed and Facebooked. They shall not, directly or indirectly, practice any profession or participate in any business.
They must be ready to explain how they acquired their homes, how they can send their children to expensive schools, and how they spend for their vacations abroad.
They might as well carry with them copies of these documents or digitize them in their iPads or iPhones for instant reference. Having said all that, I would like to stress—on a more positive note—that it is precisely because of the credibility created by the peculiarities of the victory of the incoming administration, and because of its clarion call for radical change, that the best and the brightest who have been wary of joining public service may find themselves in the perfect scenario for sincere and selfless public service. People were willing to gamble on someone they believed to be the answer to this aspiration, a catalyst of real and meaningful change, even as news about his faults and shortcomings came out. On their shoulders rest the people’s trust that they will help him carry out his mandate to effect the meaningful change they long for. One of them suddenly started drilling a hole under his seat, and water began to come into the boat.
9, 11b-17), the disciples of Jesus tell Him to dismiss the crowd since they cannot possibly provide the people who have assembled with food and lodging in a deserted place. Many technical steps were aired on how to solve the problem, until a child made a simple suggestion: Deflate the tires! The spirit of giving, not hoarding, must be our guiding principle in all that we say or do as members of the Body of Christ. If our faith is an upgrade, a power bank, a convenience store, or just a decoration, then we have not really understood and embraced the cross that is central in our faith. Yet, they will probably disagree with one another as to what this mandate instructs him to do.
This means that 60 percent of the voters—the majority—did not choose him as their president. Should we take his decisive victory as a mandate to change the form of government, to invite the armed Left to sit in government, to rehabilitate the image of Ferdinand Marcos in our nation’s history, to restore the death penalty, etc.—just to name a few of the topics on which he has pronounced himself while waiting to be sworn in as the country’s next president? Then, how do we explain the triumph of Leni Robredo over the son and namesake of the late dictator in the vice presidential race?  Were the voters communicating an intense rejection of the administration by not choosing its candidate, Mar Roxas?
By making extreme statements on a wide range of issues, later revising these or even taking them back as jokes, he has been able to see how far he could go in changing the national policy agenda.
With the close of the canvass by both chambers of Congress, it can now be said that the country has hurdled the final stage of the 2016 electoral process and we can all move on from the strife of the campaign to the task of nation-building. Then senatorial aspirant Richard Gordon persisted in pursuing his earlier efforts to have a “paper trail” instituted by filing a petition at the Supreme Court. Perhaps his championing of the reinstatement of the voter’s receipt in the face of Comelec opposition, along with his record in public service both in the government and out of it (as Red Cross chair), brought him back to the Senate where he is expected to perform as credibly as before. Instead, said Health Secretary Janette Garin, the HPV vaccine is being offered in government health centers, where parents have to bring their daughters to get their double doses of protection. Older women, meanwhile, should go for regular screening either through a pap smear or VIA (visual inspection with ascetic acid).
First is the expectation that the higher taxes (and prices) on these “sin” products would result in reduced consumption and, thus, better health outcomes among Filipinos. Part of this drive is going after cigarette smugglers, and manufacturers, distributors and traders of fake cigarettes bearing the labels of legit brands.
As climate change exacerbates the effects of storms, flooding, and erosion, the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of those people will be at risk. And, as the Harvard Business Review recently noted, the projected cost rises with each new study. As Rebecca Scheurer, director of the Red Cross Global Disaster Preparedness Center, put it, “We spend millions of dollars on the response side, and were we to invest more of those resources on the front end we’d save more people.
Doing so will require national governments, industry, aid organizations, and other NGOs to make the most of their investments.
A 100-meter belt of mangroves, for example, can reduce wave height by up to 66 percent and lower peak water levels during floods. But leaders increasingly recognize their importance, and are beginning to take action, including on the international level.
For example, last year the Seychelles announced a first-of-its-kind “debt for nature” swap with its Paris Club creditors and The Nature Conservancy. Engineering firms like CH2M are working with coastal communities in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond to find hybrid solutions that combine traditional and nature-based approaches. Over the last decade, insurers have paid out some $300 billion for climate-related damage, often to rebuild the same vulnerable structures.
But every dollar spent to protect mangroves and coral reefs saved $20 in future hurricane losses. A Red-Cross-led mangrove restoration project in Vietnam not only reduced damage to dikes and other built infrastructure, but also resulted in higher aquaculture yields and thus more income for the local communities. It is time for governments, business, and NGOs alike to recognize that when it comes to fighting the effects of climate change and protecting coastal communities, preserving and restoring nature may be the smartest investment we can make.
It is not my fault that I am an independent and liberal female able to make decisions for myself. The last birthday that I celebrated was my seventh, with a party thrown by my parents at a branch of a popular fast-food chain.
I thought having a debut was an overrated prospect, and was just another form of pressure from society that you should spend a lot of money on one night even if you can’t afford it. In fact, I remember filling out every single slum book about my dreams and aspirations, not knowing that life can never be planned.
I had my 25th birthday on the 22nd of April, and spent it in the government hospital where I work. I am at a point in my life where I question every decision that I made in the past; the what-ifs, how-comes and whys are like jabs to my gut. Find a core group who knows who you really are and who will not judge you for the amount of money in your wallet. The anthem of twentysomethings is “moving forward.”  Fifth, find out what motivates you and redefine success. Don’t waste your time stressing on things that you missed to own; rather, be thankful and make the most of the blessings you are receiving.
As the writer Junot Diaz says, “The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time.
The incoming President Rodrigo Duterte started the process when he announced that he would bring home at the soonest possible time his former instructor and chief NDF peace consultant Jose Maria Sison.
Finally, a bewildered NDF was offered important government positions even before it asked for any post, casting the public imagery of a de-facto coalition government.

Forget for a moment the contested Cabinet announcements and ignore the verbal clashes with the Church and other business groups. To bring about a final agreement, an even higher level of confidence and trust is required to break the impasse and speed up the process. It is widely known that Duterte established a peaceful and stable arrangement with insurgents in his own backyard since 1986. This empathy is unmatched by any local or national government official in the country today and it will be an important ingredient in ensuring wider flexibility, an openness to criticism and a willingness to try out new approaches without motives being questioned. Worse, it can jeopardize lives on both sides of the conflict and can cause the country to slide back into a state of revenge and retribution or a more intense civil war than we face at the moment. However, inclusiveness here does not only refer to the grassroots and participatory framework that pervades NGO-speak. The strategic role of economic and political elites is emphasized here not because the poor are unimportant, but rather because only the former possess the resources and political clout to make or break an agreement and undermine the state. A genuine settlement needs to rally the elites around a political bargain that reduces their uncertainty and fears, and mobilizes their contribution to consolidating the peace and pursuing development in conflict-affected areas.
All peace processes run the risk of diluting the power and authority of both sides over their respective constituents. This could have been resolved easily by reconstituting the Jasig list and embedding a better system for identity verification. Yet, how could we honestly expect a free discussion and a secure and unhampered process when the partner across the table cannot be assured of their physical safety? Charter change provides an important platform and a marketplace of ideas where delicate and unresolved subjects in the negotiations can be thrown into the wider public debate and consensus-building process.
Both tracks must move in parallel and actors need to move quickly and decisively to prevent spoilers from consolidating an effective and vigorous opposition to any agreement. The ceasefire continues to hold in the case of the MILF and several agreements were smoothly achieved because of the cessation of hostilities. Efforts must be made to frequently communicate the rising costs of violence brought about by constant delays in achieving a settlement. Media often focus on sensational crimes and violent extremism, suggesting that peace building to address the rebellion in Muslim Mindanao is the only determinant for securing a lasting peace in the South. This is dramatized by the intensifying bloodshed arising from the two-sided campaigns to win the hearts and minds of the lumad in the latter part of 2015 when both the formal and informal talks were ended. Communication offensives in the mainstream and social media must be undertaken to ensure that expectations are more sensitive and realistic. For Sir Richard Branson, it was last-minute flight cancellations that caused him to start Virgin Airlines.
Reminiscing about his early days as an entrepreneur, Branson recalls, “I was at school when the Vietnamese War was going on.
In 1985, he set out on the Virgin Atlantic Challenger I to break the record for the fastest crossing of the North Atlantic.
Branson cites the reason Virgin has lasted so long, despite British Airways’ efforts to drive it out of business, was because its quality was on a completely different level. Branson claims the Virgin brand was outselling both Coke and Pepsi in England, yet they were ultimately outmatched by the beverage giants because “[Virgin Cola] was not that much different than their drink.” He equates the experience to “taking on a bleeding competition with a blood bank,” with Virgin Cola disappearing from shelves worldwide. He asserts, “the best-run companies are run by people who genuinely care for all the people who are working with them.” The Virgin Group abides by this mantra as they go out of their way to put the health, happiness and wellbeing of their employees above all. He encourages all businesses to adopt a problem plaguing the world and to go out and solve that problem.
My dad—Ephraim to friends, Superman to me—was diagnosed with Stage IV B-Cell Non-Hodgkins lymphoma two years ago. The doctors at Makati Medical Center told us we were just in for palliative care, short of advising us to surrender to this b*tch cancer. This couple is living proof that love can conquer all, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer.
I just thought of the idea a few days ago and started to research on how to make a press release submission website, luckily I was able to stumble upon a wordpress theme and plugin that did exactly just that.
I am more worried about where I would place the friends na nagkautang ako ng loob,” he said. They must be surveying Rio de Janeiro with horror, scandalized by the prospect of professional boxing champion Manny Pacquiao ripping apart teenage simon-pures en route to the Philippines’ first ever Olympic gold medal.
Led by the celebrated Michael Jordan and US basketball’s Dream Team, the pros have since dominated the Olympics and ensured its commercial success. Fortunately for his potential victims and for the Olympic movement as a whole, Pacquiao did not bite. They mirror his advocacies, leadership qualities, vision, election promises and deeply-held beliefs.
Indeed, his very slogan, “change is coming,” is laden with manifold unspoken but forceful promises.
Past activities, income tax payments and private ventures will all be dug into, not necessarily to probe their suitability for the job, but at times to be able to horse-trade political and personal favors.
They must disclose their assets and liabilities, as well as list their relatives, whether by blood or by affinity, at the beginning of their terms and every year thereafter.
Let’s all do our very best, but let us remember that we do it best when we do it together, when we give our due respect to one another as well as to the institutions that have been there before, and which will still be there long after we are gone from this world.
We should not be threatened or be afraid to dialogue, listen, and be in communion with the realities of the world in which we live. To belong to the Body of Christ means to share in His suffering, and not just in His glory. In other countries with a runoff system, an electoral outcome like this triggers a second round, in which voters would be asked to choose the next president from the two front-runners. If so, how come 7 out of the 12 winners in the senatorial race were from the administration slate?  If the vote for Duterte was truly a vote against oligarchic rule, how do we make sense of the fact that in the last elections, except in a few places, political dynasties easily kept their grip on local power? He has seen the opportunity, and there is no doubt he will seize it to challenge old ways of thinking.
Bongbong Marcos is quite slim—just 263,473 votes—so that it’s almost a given that the Marcos camp would pursue all recourses left to it to have the count reviewed, if not reconsidered fully. He argued that the receipt would allow every voter to confirm whether the vote-counting machine had read his or her choices correctly. In fact, once a vaccinated girl becomes a sexually active woman, she should go for screening, too, just to make sure that she has not been infected with the small percentage of viruses not covered by the HPV.
Second, by law, much of the income derived from the “sin taxes” would go to fund health programs, to address not just the diseases arising from alcohol and tobacco consumption, but other programs as well, including the expanded immunization program. In fact, the latest edition of the World Economic Forum’s World Risk Assessment Report names failure to adapt to the effects of climate change as the single greatest risk, in terms of impact, to societies and economies worldwide.
Yet the international community currently spends on risk mitigation less than one-fifth of what it spends on natural-disaster response.
And some of the most effective and cost-effective solutions are already available in nature. A healthy coral reef can reduce wave force by 97 percent, lessening the impact of storms and preventing erosion.
The Paris climate agreement, reached last December and signed last month, not only established a consensus on the importance of addressing climate change, but also explicitly affirmed that ecosystems play a role in capturing greenhouse gases and helping communities adapt to the effects of climate change.
The swap will allow the country to redirect $21.6 million of its debt toward investment in a comprehensive approach to ocean conservation that will bolster its resilience to climate change. It is not surprising, then, that the reinsurer Swiss Re has conducted studies on mitigating the costly risks of hurricanes to coastal communities. Given such findings, it is no longer inconceivable that insurance companies might one day write coverage for wetlands and other natural infrastructure that offers protection for coastal communities and economies.
A mangrove and coral restoration project in Grenada—a joint effort of the Red Cross, the Nature Conservancy, and the fishers of Grenada’s Grenville community—has also shown great potential to increase resilience.
Such collaborative efforts are vital to the development and implementation of more effective preventive strategies.
I walk because in a city where people have become desensitized to the traffic situation, I choose not to sit in a car wasting precious time. I refuse to live in fear thinking that at any given moment, I may be raped, groped, or verbally harassed by men. I remember wearing a birthday hat and a nice dress which I stained with spaghetti sauce, and barely smiling because of a missing front tooth and newly healed chicken pox scars on my face.
I do not announce my birthdays, not even on social media, but then my colleagues found out anyway and I ended up spending my “accidental birthday” with them. The unhealthy pressure of being successful and figuring things out is just too much for me. Let this major transition terrify you a bit; it just means you care about your life and where it is heading.
Ask yourself questions like “If I have a lot of money to burn, will I be genuinely happy?” Look around you and find what really matters to you, like your family, friends, significant other. In contrast, the offers made are so daring and counterintuitive that it successfully conveyed the first real signs of change that all presidential candidates promised in the 2016 campaign. His ability to secure a local political settlement led to an arrangement that helped turn Davao City into a haven for peace, security and development.
Aquino enjoyed the same level of trust with the MILF that turned out to be insufficient in securing the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Big business and the private sector must be harnessed to inform the negotiations and underwrite the costs of an agreement, and to eventually provide the sort of jobs to former combatants that will not require them to ever hold guns again. In these instances, credible commitments mean that each side should be prepared to cover the other’s back.
In Colombia, no ceasefire was called but an agreement to suspend narcotics production and decelerate the drug trade, including forced payoffs from businesses while talks were ongoing, was also part of the discussions. He attributes his foray into the airline business to an inconvenience he experienced flying with another airline.
I thought it was an unjust war and I wanted to start a magazine so that young people could campaign against the war.” This personal and professional motto has also led him to go head-to-head with the big leagues, like the British Airways and Coca-Cola. Citing one of his own experiences, Branson explains, “One of my main reasons for leaving school was to run [my] magazine and I had to get enough advertising to pay the magazine and the printing. They can work at home on Fridays and Mondays if they want… They don’t have to be treated like children and ask permission all the time.” These forward-thinking, employee-centered initiatives are respected, not exploited, by employees and, as a result, everyone, from the customers down to the shareholders, is happy. When we discovered it, after two years of going in and out of the hospital being told all he had was a viral infection, the tumors had already invaded his bones.
The “miracle pill” that Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago talked about during her presidential campaign exists. Happy birthday, Padre Pio!), we were miraculously led to an excellent neurologist-oncologist who specializes in central nervous system (brain) lymphoma: Dr.
If anything, the biggest casualty on my family of this disease has been my waistline—from stress eating. The company said in a late Saturday statement that it strongly shuns and condemns racial discrimination. Mayweather lost a close fight in the featherweight quarterfinals and settled for a bronze in Atlanta in 1996. Now that the line separating amateur from professional has been blurred to make way for “open boxing,” the Olympic sport has shed its amateur pretensions.
His recent election to the Senate seems to have tempered his lust for an Olympic medal to go with his unmatched eight division titles. In the amateurs, each landed punch carries the same weight, no matter how hard it hits or how much damage it inflicts. This may be one reason a very qualified person, Peter Laurel, declined the education portfolio: His family is deeply involved in education and in business. You will sink the boat, and we will all drown!” The man replied: “What concern is it of yours?
How often have we “dismissed the crowd” because they threatened and disturbed our comfort zones? And as bread is broken, neither should we fear persecution, for it is a part of discipleship to be misunderstood, judged, condemned and, yes, persecuted because of our faith.
I can imagine how affirmed he must feel to see members of Congress lining up to join his party even before he has assumed the presidency. Worship the Constitution!”  I don’t know what prompted him to say that, but I take it to mean he will welcome being told if he’s overstepping his mandate.
The receipts, said Gordon, would also allow for the easier audit of the election results by a simple comparison of the electoral returns and the receipts. These and other coastal ecosystems are the first line of defense for many cities worldwide, from Miami to Manila. Just 30 meters of reef and coral have been shown to increase substantially the population of lobster, conch, octopus and urchins. The World Bank, the Nature Conservancy, and partner researchers (including ecologists, economists, and engineers) have recently published a report offering guidelines for such cooperation.
When new acquaintances find out how close my house is to my office, I normally get the “Wow, sosyal!” comment. Indeed, a surfeit of trust can also lead to tunnel vision and a tayo-tayo mentality that excludes others. On his way home to the British Virgin Islands after three weeks of being away, Branson’s American Airlines flight from Puerto Rico was cancelled, leaving him stuck in the Caribbean territory for another day. When Virgin started in the airline business, it didn’t have a lot of money and had only one second-hand Boeing 747, when their main competitor had 300.
It’s been a difficult task for me, but, I was able to cut a lot of domains which left me with around 20 or less domains to manage. That’s not so in the pros; it takes just one haymaker to maim, disable and destroy an opponent.
The hallowed arena of the Olympics should never be the stage for a massacre of the innocents.
And so, I am not surprised that he selected Cabinet officials who, like him, are unconventional and sui generis. Please remember that living life is not a matter of who is right or wrong, who  is richer or poorer, or who is a saint or sinner. Aquino III won convincingly and, at once, claimed the mandate to clean up government and solve poverty. Specifically, the report recommends calculating the value of coastal ecosystems in terms of protected capital and infrastructure, based on approaches commonly used by the insurance and engineering industries.
An intrusive “Hi, miss!” A whispered “Ganda mo, ate.” My daily societal interaction on the road has been a hefty serving of sexual harassment from men—old, young, rugby-sniffing, deranged, jeepney drivers, motorcycle riders, porters, vendors, name them.
But at some point, I realize that something has to be done, that I need to stop making excuses and find ways to make things better.
Being away from his wife for three weeks, he couldn’t wait a moment more to get home so the then 28-year-old Branson hired a plane and went around the airport selling $29 tickets to all his fellow passengers who were bumped off.
Their mission of creating an airline people will love, and the crazy antics that accompanied it, transformed Virgin into a single-plane business to one that could compete with the likes of British Airways. Luke’s Hospital, University of the East Ramon Magsaysay (UERM) Memorial Medical Center and Philippine General Hospital. With protective head gear no longer used in amateur boxing (they were deemed to have caused more concussions among boxers), amateurs will be in great danger of serious injuries. I become furious every time it happens, wishing that I can just jump at the man and beat the life out of him. I run and play basketball in my free time; these give me a sense of fulfillment and an immense reserve of endorphins that I can use for the rainy days.
The rule of thumb: For the sake of the common good, we must be ready and willing to sacrifice. Initially it was supposed to be a website that gathers information on Twitter Hashtag, but it ate too much resource and so the web hosting company had stopped me from operating it (or upgrade to VPS).
Luckily, I came across a forum that said that they were using a free wordpress theme and plugin that allows users to submit Press Releases.
Since, it was free, I did have my doubts and started to think it could be one of those unpolished and buggy scripts that you’d find more time consuming than ever. The best thing about it is that the design and the essential elements of a Press Release Website is already there. One method to kick start this website is by downloading tons and tons of PLR (Articles) and spun them to make it unique and repost it on the website because nobody wants to post in a website with nothing on it right? It’s time consuming, but it added lots of useful and interesting content thru the website.
1 article took me around 5 minutes to spin, reread, edit a little and post to the website. So have you guys got tips or customizations or suggestions for a Press Release Website?

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