Even if you are not playing online games, you can experience the deep pull that game websites have. If you have not noticed it yet, game websites are becoming a trend, and it is among the most lucrative niches out there. Compared to other kinds of online sites, game websites have that mysterious atmosphere – something different from the usual browsing experience. If you have a passion for online games and you like to share stories, opinions, news, online games and favorite console, this roundup would be perfect for you.

If you have a passion for online games and you like to share stories, opinions and news about your favorite game and console, you should start interacting on the popular game websites. Whether you are searching for great designs or designing one, browsing on this list will provide you much needed inspiration and guidance. This is the reason why many game website designers strive hard to incorporate enough attraction and uniqueness to every project they make. You can read about the best online games, browse on trendy websites, watch game trailers, read the latest reviews and interact with other gamers.

After all, you cannot fire up your xBox while at work, but you can browse for fresh gaming titles and news on gaming related websites.In this article, I have compiled a list of more than 50 gaming websites that will surely make your day.
If you are a web designer, I am also sure the collection will serve as great inspiration. Do you know of some leading gaming websites that are not on my list?

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