The distinctive synthesis of the ARP Odyssey has been reproduced from the circuit level up with the original founder as a key advisor. Broadly speaking, there were three versions of the original ARP Odyssey, divided by the date of production, with the major difference being the filter circuit. In order to deliver a more powerful analog sound, a DRIVE switch is provided as a new function. The connectors provided on the original ARP Odyssey differed by production date, but based on Rev3 of the original, the ARP Odyssey brings the specifications up to a modern standard.
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Under the supervision of David Friend (founder), parts were carefully selected and every detail was adjusted to replicate the original unit's distinctive synthesis. The ARP Odyssey provides all three of these different filter circuits, and allows you to select one of them with a single switch.

Carefully selected parts are used in the familiar slider section, providing an operating feel that's even smoother than the original. In addition to a MIDI IN connector and USB-MIDI port, they've added a headphone jack with adjustable volume. If you connect a patch cable from the newly added headphone jack to the external audio input jack, you can produce a powerful sound by applying self-feedback. Its most distinctive feature was its sharp, penetrating sound and its rich range of tonal variation. The keyboard uses a 37-note slim keyboard that features lighter weight and excellent playability. The XLR output jacks which had been unbalanced have been changed to noise-resistant balanced outputs. If you connect the GATE OUT jack to the TRIG IN jack, the EG won't be retriggered, allowing you to play legato.

The corrugated shell structure ensures excellent impact resistance, and internal cushioning and pocket for small items is also provided.
With a variety of functions and modulation possibilities provided by oscillator sync, sample and hold, pulse width modulation, high-pass filter, two types of envelope generator, and pitch bend using the PPC, it was able to create a versatile range of sounds. While making the instrument more compact and easier to use, they have paid attention to ensuring that the mini-keyboard is uncompromisingly playable. Although the keyboard has 37 keys, the transpose function lets it cover a broad range of seven octaves. online zee tv .com mmk
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