A platform is not a numbers game, where you push out your message to as many people as possible with the expectation that a certain percentage will bite.
Perhaps a better metaphor is not building a platform, but staking out and cultivating your plot, your territory, your ground. If what you want to sell people is flowers from the forest, you are just naturally going to be developing and advertising your establishment differently from somebody who is the author of strawberry jam, or beer festivals, or greatswords. I wonder if this isn’t a better fit for a livelihood inherently as various as writing? I think these lines perfectly summed up the idea for for me: Platform is not an act or a show you put on for the benefit of others.
You quoted my favorite quote in the post — Christina Katz also talks about how platform is the context for your content, the community that grows around it. Your leopard skin banner, too, was inspirational and the leopard-inspired eye is sumptious. NEWSLETTER MAKEOVER CLINIC: Let the DTG Design team give you a critique of your publication and provide helpful advice on how to make it the best it can be! While publishers have been pushing content online for years, some have balked at the cost and complexity of creating Web-based versions of their publications. PageTurnPro is an online, automated digital publishing platform that transforms static PDF files into dynamic, Web-based presentations. Unlike competing software, PageTurnPro is a totally automated, self-serve system that allows anyone to manage their own digital publications.
Just as important, visitors reading a PageTurnPro document are not required to download third-party software or plug-ins. PageTurnPro customers can choose from several monthly subscription plans, beginning at $39 per month, giving publishers the flexibility of selecting a tier of service that best fits their situation.

Kluger said PageTurnPro will continue to add features and product enhancements in the coming months. PageTurnPro also holds value for companies and organizations other than publishers, because it can convert any document into a Web-based presentation, including newsletters, catalogs, advertising flyers, brochures, annual reports, research documents, proposals and more. Learning, training, tips, tricks, and moreThe Design Bookshelf team reads and reviews the best books for the creative visual designer, desktop publishing practitioner and visual communicator.
Get more out of your computer: join a user group - There are computer clubs around the world called "user groups" where you find fellow computer users ready and willing to share a wealth of information. It refers to your web presence, public speaking and classes taught, media contacts or previous publishing credits such as articles written for magazines, newspapers or websites as well as your networking skills. It’s a natural extension of your own curiosity, exploration and discoveries that you share with the world. It’s a natural extension of your own curiosity, exploration and discoveries that you share with the world. Now, PageTurnPro, a simple, affordable solution launched by Journal Publications, eliminates the final barriers to digital publishing. Instead, they simply access the publication using Adobe's Flash Player, already available on 99% of all PCs. In addition, he said, PageTurnPro's agile development team can create custom solutions based on a specific customer's needs.
Get an answer: in the Photoshop 911 FAQ if you don't find the answer there, you can ask your question or send your problem to the Photoshop 911 TeamAdvertise your products or services among these pages!
Your platform is the difference between a reader passing your book up or her giving it a chance by flipping the cover open to read the inside flap.
It’s taking things writers traditionally love—stories, process and creativity—and making them public.

It’s taking things writers traditionally love—stories, process and creativity—and making them public.
I’ve been coming and reading it for a while now and your posts nearly always resonate. Larry Kluger, president of Journal Publications, said the company developed PageTurnPro because publishers needed a more affordable, feature-rich digital edition solution.
Founded in 1984, JPI publishes business journals, consumer magazines and custom publications. Platform is aligning your niche topic and unique expertise with the appropriate audience to create a unique context and forge relationships and community. JPI also plans and manages dozens of events annually for company-owned products as well as for external customers. Additionally, JPI offers value added services to the business community through its two subsidiaries Best Companies Group, who coordinates "Best Places to Work" surveys nationwide, and Black Rhino Media, a full-service interactive media solutions company offering web development, Internet marketing and other custom media services. DT&G was originally published each month on AOL and Compuserve for attendees of Fred Showker's design and publishing seminar and conference appearances.
Our "Writer's Guidelines" are available for those of you who would like to be published in The Design Center Publications.

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