QR code is known as Quick Response Code this is the best way to store the information in the image format. There are many sites available on this web which generate the QR code and in this article I am going to share few of the best sites to generate the QR code.
This helps to generate the QR code which is well designed this also helps to change the fourground and background color of the image. Are you already using this QR code on your business cards, sharing information through QR code ? Studies show that around 19 percent of US smartphone owners - or 1 in 5 consumers - are already actively scanning. Tessa Wegert has been covering digital media and tech trends as a journalist and columnist since 2001.
These sites are really easy to use and you can download the generated image in different resolutions which suits for your convenience.

Short for Quick Response, QR codes are a way to deliver a lot of information in a tiny package.
Web sites and coupons aside, QR codes are being used to deliver everything from sample chapters of hot new books to retailer maps, product catalogues, and menus. Accompanying ad messaging gives you some sense of what you'll get when you scan, but you never know for sure until you do. Her articles have appeared in USA Today, Mashable, Ocean Drive Magazine, ClickZ, The Montreal Gazette, and Marketing Magazine. This is two dimensional barcode which is being used by the many business and individuals to share their details. You can print the generated image on your business cards or on your broachers or any other medium you like to share your information. Download a free QR code reader app for your Android, iPhone, Windows, or BlackBerry device, open it up, run your smartphone's camera over the code, and you're in business.

Sometimes this is exclusive content you can't find anywhere else, coming to you at a time when you can really use it.
There's a certain amount of mystery in these little squares, and once you get used to using them, that's difficult to resist. The trend continues with QR codes, those little barcodes you've been spotting on everything from print ads to business cards. Whatever data has been stored within the code's grid - be it a Web site URL, a link to a product coupon, a video, or something else entirely - will instantly appear on your device screen.
You can read the information behind that image by suing your smart phone which is having the feature to read the QR code.

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