The correct term for website ranking in this context is actually SERP but website ranking is easier to grasp.
SERP, an abbreviation of Search Engine Results Page, is the term we use to describe where our website shows up in search engines when we search for a certain phrase or keyword. Although SEO and social marketing are very important aspects to get your website noticed in the search engines they are not the only thing that counts. I believe that more then ever Google and other search engines want their users, which are your potential website visitors, to have a good experience.
A good user experience dictates that you will have to have good content which is SEO optimized. There’s actually quite a few things you can do but in this post I want to talk about the speed of your website.
A faster website will result in a better user experience which will result in visitors staying longer on your website leading to a higher website ranking leading to more organic visitors. Obviously it helps if your website is hosted on a fast server with a fast internet connection and if your website is optimized for speed.
If you are using a Content Management System like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal then cranking up the loading speed of your website is easy. Here are three easy methods that will speed up your website without you having to spend money. When using a CMS the first method to improve the loading speed is by installing a plugin that optimizes caching and implements code compression (minifying). Spend some time working through the documentation and after installing make sure you test your website to be sure everything is working as it should be. This method will give your website a huge speed boost so it is really worth setting this up.
If you are using pictures on your website (and you should) then optimizing the pictures is a no brainer.
In addition, if you use a lot of pictures in a page or post,  you could install a plugin for ‘lazy loading’.
A CDN takes care of that by caching your website on their international network of servers.
By the way W3 Total Cache and the CloudFlare CDN work really well together so do use them together.
You mention all important points here but I want to give more priority to W3Cache because that helps tremendously.
That means you get to keep more bandwidth for direct requests and because your server has less traffic to handle it can cut down on your hosting costs as well. In an official blog post, Google team confirmed that they have started putting this in action though the number of websites ranking changed on the basis of load time are very less.
In my opinion this new parameter for site ranking  is a good move, as fast loading web-pages give better user-experience. CSS sprites is a technology to convert multiple images into one big image and this will reduce the number of concurrent connections and your website will load faster.

Another quick way to speed-up  your site loading time is by decreasing the size of your images. Let me know what’s your thought on site loading time as search engine ranking factor. SO my question is should move my website to India based hosting company who have servers in India ?
KPMRS is a free web site rank monitoring service that checks your search engine rankings on Google, Bing. KPMRS is a free web site rank monitoring service that checks your search engine rankings on Google & Bing.
Put KPMRS widget on your website and let your visitors check their rankings from your site. Monitor the performance of not just your site, but also that of your competitors for the same keywords. Ranking Toolbox includes sophisticated tools for better position in search services including analyzing and optimizing your website. Ranking Toolbox is a unique collection of high-performance tools that enable you to check and improve the ranking position of your website to attract more visitors to your website via search engines. The Ranking Module allows you to query different search engine and to compare your website's position to your competitors'. In addition, you can do a basic check of your website with the HTML Validator and see your website as a search robot sees it with the Web Robot Simulator. Make Microsoft Outlook faster, more stable and easier to backup with DetachPipe - the email attachment processor.
Use WebZIP to download web pages or entire web sites, including images, sounds and other media files to your hard disk for fast and efficient, offline viewing. Spirit of Fire is a fine 3D screensaver that will bring warm and cozy atmosphere of a fireplace burning in a log cabin right inside your office or home. Provides completely automatic beats-per-minute detection using computational music analysis algorithms. This site does not contain serial number, crack, keygen Ranking Toolbox serial number : serial number is the simplest type of crack.
And the search engine will be watching your website to see how you treat your forwarded visitor.
The better the experience the longer your visitors will stay and the more they will come back for more. Feel free to test a bit, as long as you verify that the frontend of your website is (still) working, you’re good.
This means that pictures above the fold are loaded right away and the rest of the pictures are loaded when the user scrolls down. That means your visitor from South Africa now loads your website from a server in his neighbourhood.
It may not be the fastest option they have available but it will sure help your website load faster around the globe.

Websites which take ages to load slows down the Internet and they are considering this factor seriously. The request will be served directly from earlier saved page on your webhost and this will reduce the server load and also pages will be server instantly. You can use many web tools to compress your images without reducing the quality of your image. If your server is a slow system, chances are your website will take ages to load and many other parameters like which type of server they are using Apache or Nginx. Over the last 7 years, he & his team has proved the way to turn blogging into a lucrative career choice. Page load time is very important for rankings good on search engines as well as for increasing traffic and making sales because nobody likes slow websites. Analyze the Top URLs for a certain keyword and find the best keywords for your own website with the help of different keyword tools.
It contains fully customizable Clock and can synchronize computer's clock with Atomic Time Servers. There are some similar tools to display RGB values to assist making HTML used in authoring WWW pages. Includes Free Renju ( a variation of the well known Japanese board game), Bulls and Cows (guessing a number), Hanoi Tower (moving bricks). Audio recorded by the iPhone is analyzed in real-time resulting in very high precision bpm results.
That makes the search engines happy and to thank you they will push up your website position in the enormous list of search results. The faster you can serve the information your visitor is looking for the better the user experience will be.
Apart from other parameters like meta title, meta descriptions, Google will also consider Page load time as one of the biggest reason for your website search engine ranking. If you are using WordPress, it’s easier for you to make your website load faster with the help of plugins. Don’t use underpowered web-hosting and make sure your hosting is compatible with web-technology you are using. My blog page load time is very high but anyhow i decreases it with the help of your blog post.
Before I share some tips to make your page load faster, here are few posts which you should open in new tab to learn more about improving the page load time of your website.
You can check this guide to learn how to move your site to bluehost and if you are planning to start a blog, here is guide to install WordPress on bluehost.

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