Although life can sometimes take you to another part of the country, we know that Wisconsin culture is incredibly important to you. Let’s face it, Wisconsin has some really awesome products and you don’t have time to discover everything you would like. So happy to have you link to my blog but please use a direct link to my site when using my photos. British Airways unveiled a new corporate identity in 1997 which involved repainting its fleet with around 20 daring tailfin designs by world artists?
It is a subscription box service that ships to your home (or give as gift), they hand-pick 4-6 items each month from around Wisconsin and deliver the box right to your door!
There’s something about the small town feel of Wisconsin that you don’t take for granted and you take it with you wherever you go.

From unique products in Door County, to smaller businesses you would find at your local farmers market.
It’s about connecting with people, feeling that sense of community and enjoying some really awesome products from around the state.
We take the time and energy out of trying to find new products, and put them together in a really simple curated box that you can get each month. My choices in life are driven by her, what is best for her, what is fun for her, and what makes our life happy. This is for all Wisconsin lovers, whether you live here or used to, or even just have been here and love it. Whether it’s the endless summer festivals, getting together with friends and family for a packer game or the smell of brats cooking on the grill.

We only support local Wisconsin businesses and products that are produced here in the state. We can’t give you everything, but we know that by subscribing each month you will have box that reminds you of home, and it will be delivered to your door each month.
So, let Badger Box help you find new products from around the state, while you feel good knowing your money is going back to support businesses in your community and state! Plus with each box, you know that you’re getting quality products from Wisconsin because we are constantly looking all over the state for unique items that you’ve never seen before.

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