If you didn't know you can listen and download music only totally free and legally, above that, then why don't you have a look at some of the best services we've featured here?
Most of the online users download pirated music from the internet, which results in loss of million dollars to the entertainment industry every year. You may have already purchased music from Amazon, but few of you know that Amazon offers hundreds of songs and albums to download for free. At the moment of updating this article, there was an impressive collection of more than 50,000 songs that you could listen to or even download, legal and totally free! If you thought torrents are only for sharing pirated stuffs, they you are absolutely wrong since you can download torrents legally via LegalTorrents.
Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under the Creative Commons license. We have included in the list below some more music services, because more free music is not going to hurt anybody, am I right?
Pandora – limited to customers from United States, Australia and New Zealand, the service provides free online music through radio stations.
Grooveshark – the perfect mix between the search engine functions Spotify offers and free streaming radio stations like Pandora. Wikipedia sound list – most of the free songs featured there belong to the classical genre but you will also find other songs that now belong to the public domain.
According to you, which one is the best free music downloading service from the above list? Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. I wonder if there is anyone who doesn’t listen to music or doesn’t seem to like any of its form. Since the inception of internet and its wide spread use world over…many sites have been developed through which you can listen to your choice of music online and can download to keep it saved in your system as well. MP3Boo is an amazing site with wide range of English music collection in form of singles and albums as well, which can be downloaded for free by everyone through Mediafire or Hotifle software.
Zona-musical is more like a forum, but still gives you the option of listening to music online and downloads it for free without any sort of registration.
This website has a wide range of English music albums, and are very well organized by categories, such as POP, Rock, R&B, Folk, Romantic songs, etc. MP3 is another amazing website, full of English musical albums and songs for listening online and downloading purpose completely for free. There are many website who offer downloading songs one by one even when you want to download the album…but this website enables one to download the entire music album by once. Like listed above, this website also offers wide variety of English music albums for downloading purpose for free. There are very few websites that offer legal content downloading, and this website is one of them.
He died in 1985 but this very personal museum can be a lasting reminder of the very remarkable man. You can store on your iPod lots of melodies, tracks and songs and you can sort them by artists or albums. If you have lots of gigabytes of storage space that are available you may be wondering how you can load up your iPod with great music without paying for it.
You can choose iTunes Store, among the regular albums and tracks for which you have to pay money, from time to time iTunes Store offers free tracks as promotions.
Basically, they make the music and keep ownership and copyright of it and you get the permission to use it for your videos, film or small multimedia productions, as long as you credit the creator properly.
There are many sites out there that house music with Creative Commons licenses, sites where you can download music for free (and legally).
Jamendo has more than 350,000 audio files on their database, which includes music in a few different languages and from different countries. Browse, download and share sounds on Freesound; you can also upload your own audio clips to their database after registering for an account on the website. Kompoz is an online community that prides in collaboration between artists from all over the world. As more people collaborate on the original clip and the clips after that, it will eventually become a creative collaboration of multiple musicians. SoundCloud is a very popular website where famous artists share their new tracks to the world. On BeatPick, you have a music player kind of interface where you can listen to any song on a list.
The clips also come with descriptions of what it sounds like, which can be useful to match to whatever the theme your clip is. This is a website mostly used by indie artists who want a platform to sell their music to the public and have their works licensed under their name.
The full songs available on the website can be streamed to help you decide if you want to download it.
Musopen is a website where you can find free music from individual instruments in an orchestra: violins, cellos, violas, etc as well as a combination of instruments. You can also browse music by sorting it by composer, instrument and even the period of time the music clip resembles.

You might recognize Vimeo as a place only for videos, but it also offers free music which you can use as long as you give credit to the original artist.
For example, when using a music for a YouTube video, you would use those details and place it at the credits of your video or video description.
ArtistServer has over 11,000 MP3 downloads by more than 10,000 artists and you can be one of those artists too when you sign up with them. It is also possible to preview the entire clip before making your selection and downloading it.
Audiofarm has a wide selection of genres to choose from, uploaded by ordinary people who want to share their music.
If you’re a DJ or anyone else looking for some free beats and loops, iBeat has a wide database of clips which are free under Creative Commons licensing.
Clips found on Audionautix are released under Creative Commons license 3.0 – you can use the audio clips available even for commercial purposes so long as you credit the Audionautix website. FMA stands for Free Music Archive which has a wide selectionof high-quality, legal audio downloads.
Purple planet is the creation of two people, Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey, who let you use their music for free.
Bump Foot originates from Japan and focuses mostly on techno, trance beats and electronic dance music. CASH Music – CASH Music is a non-profit organization that hosts digital tools for musicians and labels to share their music. Josh Woodward – This work of a single person, this site features more than 180 songs that are free for download, sharing and use.
Public Domain 4U – This website has a wide selection of genres of free music you can download. Orphan Songs – This website is created by Carl-Otto Johansson who is a musician who writes and records his own music. Sonnyboo – To use songs from this website, you have to credit the owner and writer of the songs, Peter John Ross. Note: Please do take a look at the license that each site carries to get a proper idea of which of the 6 Creative Commons licenses is in practice there.
You will discover that at the end of the lists there are brilliant websites to help you find your favorite artists and download their music creation legally, for free and without having to worry about Digital Rights Management, as well.
Currently, they offer more a wide collection of songs to download legally and they keep on adding new albums from time to time. LegalTorrents is an online digital media community that distributes high quality open-licensed (Creative Commons) digital media and art. At the starting point, a song is offered for free, once it gets popular, you need to pay a small amount to download it.
This site allows you to download the songs of famous artists such as Kanye West, Ben Gibbard and Ryan Adams.
You’ll find below streaming services, public domain websites and even some free trial options.
You can also check another article we did on the same subject that features more services that have some unique features you definitely might be interested in. If we haven’t mentioned any of your favorite service, please let us know in the comments, as we are always eager to learn new stuff that our readers want to share with us. However, some of them are free, while some websites have charges over it in order to download a song or an album, but certainly when you can get something for free…why pay? The site provides a music forum, where you can engage yourself in various on-going discussions over musical topics and a lot number of albums are available up there for you to download for free with good quality. It offers new and upcoming singers to upload their songs and sell them off through their web portal. You can search the music of your choice from their wide range, view the song details, listen to them online and can download them as well through Hotfile, Rapishare, Megaupload and other file hosting websites. The songs from here can be easily downloaded with the compatibility run of Fileserve, Hotfile and iFulldownloads applications.
The website contains more than 37,000 musical albums and songs, which one can download easily through their sub-categories as most popular ones, most downloaded, most starred for ones’ ease. Of course you can choose to download free music for your iPod in an illegal way, but then you have to take some risks. These albums you can find on their website and are always highlighted, so you can easily choose which one you like best and want to download. Music with Creative Commons licenses are music compositions written, produced and shared by people who do not charge anything when you use their music for your own use, commercially or non-commercially. These sites make it very easy for you to use, all you have to do is pick an audio clip you like and save it as an MP3, and there you have it, your free music download. Its advanced search will help you narrow down what you’re looking for on their large database. This database here is filled with sound effect such as ambient noises, synthesized sounds and sounds produced by musical instruments.
Artists post their clips on the website where anyone can download it and use it for their own productions. There is a section under Creative Commons license where you can download other people’s tracks.

You too can do the same, or download some of their free selection of music just by creating an account.
After clicking download, your download will start and a pop-up window will appear with the details of the clip’s title, artist and website. You can easily download any song you like by clicking the download link – no registration needed. The beats available come in a variety of genres such as rock beats, hip hop beats and even acoustic or electronic beats.
These free background music clips can be used for whatever video production you are making. It works like a music station where you browse for clips and if you like the clip, you can add it to your music player.
You can use any of their audio clips on online videos so long as you link to their website at the description of the video. You can download the files and use it for your own non-commercial work as long as you give attribution to them or the featured artist.
When a clip is uploaded, the floor is upon for discussion about the clip, as well as a free download.
There are different limitations to each of the licenses, but they all require that you give credit to the original creator.
Many people think Last.fm is only for radio purposes but now you know that you can also get awesome music downloaded to your computer, totally free, also DRM-free and without breaking any laws, whatsoever. They distribute content with the full permission of the rights holders and use the peer-2-peer file-sharing technology. It has the widest collection of amazing songs and they keep on adding new mp3 songs from time to time. So, whenever a new song is released at Amie Street, you can grab them for free before it gets popular. Stereogum regularly features unknown artists who go on to become mainstream sensations such as Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, and Fleet Foxes.
You can also find thousands of public domain music songs and expired copyright tracks at Live Music Archive. So, if you want to have a collection of free and legally downloaded songs in your computer or player, you can use all the music services presented here to help you with that.
Therefore, below here we’re listing down some of the popular music downloading sites for free. The only limitation the site has is that one needs to register on the site and have to reply to the threads, before getting the downloading link. Songs downloaded from this site gets automatically saved on Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload, type of hosting websites. Along with that, they have number of other musical albums and singles as well for everyone to listen to and download for free without any charges. Downloading illegal music from the internet means that you have to think of some serious consequences that may appear. There are also great blogs created by people who like listening to music on their iPod and wanted to help others to download music easily and free. There is a wide variety of samples to choose from, which can be sorted by tags that describe the audio clips.
They can also add their own instruments or creative mix to the original clip and upload it on the website again. You can stream the available clips and it takes just a simple click to get the MP3 file without any registration. Plenty of awesome sound track albums are available for free download here, like Alexander Saykov, Baumfreun, Stiver and more.
Their style of music falls under effects that accompany a horror, dramatic or mysterious scene.
As of now, there are about 65, 000 songs that you can download perfectly legally and listen to in your player or to your computer.
Music in every form is liked by humans, and there are some tunes made, which are hard to forget even after much time and they keep on humming in your head.
You can find online all sorts of music from classical music to hard rock including dubstep, dnb, folk music, pop, rnb and many others. For example a great blog is the Itis's official website, where you can find a whole list with free music from iTunes Stores. If you live in India or you’re just a fan of Bollywood soundtracks, you can always keep a tab open and listen for free to this music.
Even if it is lower on this list, Jamendo is one of the best sites to download free music from their ever growing songs library. Having an iPod is great, you just put the earbud in your ears and enjoy music whenever you need to listen to a great song and wherever you are.

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