Online video compressor as a term itself means that you compress your videos online and save the space of your hard disk or any other storage device. The online video compressor discussed in this article are cloudconvert , online-convert , zamzar , convertfiles and clipchamp. The website also offers some new and advance options like save your file on cloud, sending out notifications when the compression is done. You can also compress multiple files at the same time and it will be compressed to one file and offered in one download so that you can easily uncompress the file and use it. Clipchamp is the next free online video compressor which lets you compress video to mp4, WebM, wmv or gif. This website also offers one very interesting option that it offers different video dimensions depending upon the device you are using (Mobile, Desktop, Tab etc). As they are offering wide variety of formats for video compression it clears any questions about compatibility of the website. So, go ahead and try out these different online video compressor to compress videos for free.
We can easily use free online converters to convert our files online and its absolutely free of cost.
You could find many and many online converters online which may help you, but recommended one is the best choice. In Step 2 : Choose the File format in which you like to convert your File (see screenshot below). Its free of charge and very handy if you work mostly online and not having any converter installed.
They also offer compression of multiple videos in a group at the same time, archive packing and you can also compress one file type into many other formats. They also support multiple formats like: flv, avi, mov, mpeg, mp4, mkv, ipad video compressor, compressor for android devices and more.
Lastly, while compressing files, this compressor almost increases the compression speed to six times more than the normal speed of any other compressor; this is one of the main advantages of using this video compressor.

One of the good features of this platform is that you can also compress your webcam videos and then upload them on your Facebook account, or share them on Google Drive or on YouTube. Suppose if you want to play the video on your mobile, just select the video dimensions and tap the scale of fast conversion the video will be compressed in super speed but with fair quality. It supports more than thousand formats, the biggest any other online video compressor supports. You can also experience high compression speed as it takes few minutes to compress your file. Here I am sharing a simple tutorial how you can convert files online easily without spending a penny. I also found many of them out there and used few of them and finally got my desired online converter and using it from last 6 months. These free online video compressors discussed here will allow you to free your disk space and minimize the size of videos.
It can compress your video files by simple drag and drop command, it supports more than 200 formats which include: mp4, ogg, wmv, mpg and many more.
Let’s say that you have compressed a file on your system and you want the same on your mobile phone, how will you get it on your device?
All this can be done for free and there is no need to install anything on your local device. You just need to browse your file and upload, and they will handle the remaining course of action needed. There is nothing that you need to download or install and, you can directly compress the videos in your browser. The websites also maintains a scale according to your choice; if you want super fast compression the quality of video will be moderate but, if you are going for slow compression the video quality will be excellent. I am freelancer and online content marketer and I daily messed up with many files related to word, Powerpoint and image extension files.
I use these kind of online tools frequently when required Stay tuned for more updates like this.

These online compressors help you compress wide range of file types by following simple steps that require no technical, or professional expertise. For this they allow you to create your QRcode and scan the code from your mobile phone and you will get the same compressed file on your device.
It supports more than 300 formats, and it can also support multiple languages, which makes it a suitable online video compressor. Simply drag the file from your local system or google drive account and select the output type. Like most of the other compressors, you can drag and drop your file and choose the format to convert to, and enter your email address to receive the compressed video. Sometimes I need conversion tools to convert file into required format, most of the times I need bulk conversions.
Lastly, since, these websites are free and online, you don’t need to download anything  on your PC either. You don’t need to sit around and see the video compressing bit by bit, CloudConvert compresses the video on cloud and will do the rest for you. This happens because they keep your QRcode on their servers and you can directly download the file from their server to your mobile phone. Some of the supported format are: mod, mov, mp4, 264, 3ga, 3gp, avi, ogg, ipad, mkv and many more. If you want to compress larger files, you can also do that but by purchasing the premium plans.

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