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Download this free decorative leaf vector design as an Illustrator backdrop for your seasonal and nature inspired projects. For many, the scariest part of organising their wedding can be the prospect of looking after their budget.
Our Wedding Budget Tracker covers everything from lingerie to the license fee, and will even recommend a breakdown for you based on the average spend of other UK couples.

Add your total budget and location to see a suggested breakdown of your costs – handy for an idea of what sort of costs you might be looking at.
Create multiple budgets to keep a closer eye on your stag & hen parties as well as your honeymoon. Romantic wedding couple vector of the groom kissing the bride with ribbon, flowers and bubbles design elements. Nature vector graphics feature horizontal stripes, scrolls, swooshes, halftone pattern and maple leaves.

Bride – The Wedding Site Budget Tracker aims to give you a tight grip on your budget, whether you plan to be frugal or flamboyant, to give you that perfect stress free day. Newlywed vector couple in love enjoying being together, kissing and smiling on abstract vector backdrop.

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