Zankyou is an online cash gift list service, where couples can create a free personal wedding website, it was created when its founders saw that there was no online cash gift list or wedding website service that met to the needs of modern couples, who have often already been living together before marriage and frequently have guests coming from abroad. You can personalise your wedding website however you like by sharing important information like the wedding agenda, maps, photos, videos, recommended local hotels, and so much more. You can fill your guest list with things, from any store, that you actually want and the great thing about Zankyou is that you can transfer all the funds contributed to your gift list directly into your bank account, giving you the freedom to use the money as you wish towards your honeymoon, stuff for the house or even a donation to a charity and not landing you with 5 different toasters!
The app has loads of great features including viewing gifts received and messages from guests and photos, you can send thank you messages to your guests, allow guests to upload the wedding photos taken on their phones and by sharing the wedding agenda and location with your guests there will be no need for them to look for their wedding invitation, they will have it all on their phone and nobody will get lost!
Today we want to share with you, our dear readers, a top list of the most beautiful and creative free website templates. Not only do they have a totally flexible gift list where you can ask for contributions towards whatever you desire, they also have totally cute and free wedding websites.

Zankyou also comes with a free mobile app for iPhone and Android, so you can access your wedding website and wedding list anywhere, at any time. They offer all of this with the lowest cash gift list rates in the market with a 2.85% commission and an 85p transaction fee per gift. We are eager to know your mind which ones are worth of your attention and can be of a certain use for your project or become an inspiring resource in future. Plus the photo sharing option is the perfect way to not miss a single moment or memory from your day. The proposed website templates differ in style and purpose, but they were chosen because they easily stand out from the rest and are memorable and impressive.
Various artistic godsends were skilfully implemented and realized by designers and today we can enjoy their works turning them into our own goals achievements.

Bright or color-restricted, with light or dark colors predominating – these templates fascinate with their design conceptions.
Besides, we encourage the comments flow and do hope that you will post the links to even more beautiful free website templates that our audince can use for their websites.

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