Jenna, a Manhasset, NY High School Sophomore spent 2 weeks of her free time collecting sundries for the Tuesday’s Children Day of Service. In total, Jenna was able to collect 1700 items to be given to the IAVA for Veterans returning to the workforce after combat.
The death of a spouse causes changes in your life you can not emotionally prepare yourself for.
I remember so clearly the happy times, the sad times, the good times, the rough times, the complicated times, the unsure times.

I get teary eyed when I see couples holding hands as they walk together and seeing their subtle interaction with each other as they shop together or care for their kids. Making big decisions together.
Those hands that later did caress my body so lustily, so lovingly, so sexy, for so many years. Those hands that held our babies so tenderly and gently for the first time. Those hands that teasingly patted me on my rear. Those hands that held mine hundreds of times as we walked on the beach or sat on the couch watching a movie together. Those hands that made lists of things we could do together or lists of places we could go. Those hands that opened jars for me and killed creepy bugs for me.

Those hands that took care of me when I was ill. Those hands that grasped mine in delight and pride as our children did wonderful things in their lives. Oh my God, how will I handle not having those hands to touch and to hold and to touch and hold me?

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