Keiko suffered from a weakened immune system and a skin condition around his pectoral fins. A custom tank was built in the Oregon Coast Aquarium and in 1996, the whale was flown from Mexico to Oregon. Meanwhile, a street kid runs afoul of the law and gets caught vandalising the marina, but his social worker gets him off the hook (so to speak) provided he cleans up his mess at the marina.
While there, he befriends the whale and teaches him tricks, something the trainer hasn’t been able to do. But when Willy is a dud in front of the audience, the marina owner plans some bad things, and the boy and his friends must try to (*** MAJOR SPOILERS ***) free Willy. Foster known as co-producer Jennie Lew Tugend known as producer Mark Marshall known as associate producer Douglas C.
Westmore known as makeup artistArt Department: Christopher Amy known as first assistant property master Charles A. Infact, there are only three family movie (I mean live action movies notanimated flicks) in this chart.
On the other hand you canfind in this list, for example, more than eighty thrillers or more thanthirty 30 war movies. For me the point is that many of peopleas well as lots of critics don’t appreciate movies sweet movies withoutprofanity, drugs, sex and violence. I watched Free Willy no less than four orfive times and found it one of the best family and animal movie evermade.
The unlikelyfriendship between twelve years old Jesse and giant whale as the mainelement of the story is very sweet and touching. Overall plot is wellconstructed (and there’s no point to complain its unreality) withdecent development of the main characters.
Young and definitelytalented Jason Jammes Richter created terrific performance of a younglonely problem boy Jesse. Also very good in the movie were AugustSchellenberg (as Randolph) and Michael Madsen (as Glen). As I alwaysmentioned cinematography is pretty good, including first-rate animalaction (Keiko is so cute there).
The beautiful movie soundtrack writtenby Basil Poleuydouris a bit resembled for me terrific Carmine Coppola’sscore for The Black Stallion. And finally, that’s maybe the mostimportant Free Willy is a very humanistic movie, a movie that what wasmade with love and care about nature.

We need more movies like this, not a laughablerubbish that Hollywood studios now provide for family entertainment.
The story of Jason James Richter’scharacter trying to escape from a life of crime and missing prospectsis way beyond the average.
It’s a genuine bond that focuses on two outcastcharacters who slowly but surely come to experience true friendship andthe value of trust. It is a sincere depiction of friendship, of away out, of fighting for your values against all odds and of nevergiving up. Jason James had very few acting appearances, but theFree Willy series assured him his place in movie history. The problem with films like this is that it isviewed in the same light as movies like Gorillas In The Mist and Instinct.And that is they are bleeding hearted fluff. It asks you to realize that we are bad people and that we shouldchange the system from within.
The only problem with that last statementisthat it is said while people are rolling their eyes and using a sarcastictone.
But if we can look at films like Schindler’s List and Cry Freedom,films that examine the atrocities perpetrated towards humans, see them forthe genius that they are, why can we not take a film that has something tosay about the abominable treatment of animals more seriously.
When we hear of a stray dog that shows up atthehumane society with internal bleeding and a missing eye, we say that it’sterrible and then we turn away and forget about it until the next onesshowsup. When we go to water parks and see captive whales performing tricks welaugh and cheer and go back to our freedom and think nothing of the lifethat was destroyed when that beautiful beast was taken from its habitat.Ifanything, this movie shows us that we should not imprison these or anywildanimals, and it does it so well that if you have any ounce of compassioninyou, it will affect you.
Matthew McConnauhey ( wrongspelling, I know ) gives his speech at the end about the heinous crimesthatwere committed against the little black girl.
Thiswhale is fed every once in a while and he is taught to do tricks so thatpeople can laugh and cheer.
As a child it was my favorite movieand I’d watch it every day for a period of about 3 months. I dug this outtoday and watched it again and it was still pretty magical to me,although I’m much older now. Iguess I wouldn’t tell every adult to go out and watch it, but if youhave kids, or just love animals, then give this a shot. This Film will always be in our hearts.If you have kids this is the one to show them, they will laugh, cry andlearn to love the adorable killer Whale Willy which a lot of us havedone.
If you are in need of afriend there will always be on in animals and this film has shown us sowith Jesse and Willy.

Themovie sets out with a 12 year old kid out with his mates and doing naughtythings, the young boy named Jesse is arrested as he caused vandalism in thesea life center and putting grafiti on the glass windows where the while canbe viewed from. Jesse gets back to his tricks and is told that he has to do a job atthe sealife center as part of his punishment, he meets the whale again andbecomes a friend to the whale, jesse then decides if he could teach and workwith the whale, things start to get odd when the bad guys come in.
As weeksgo by, there is danger at the sealife centre, water is leaking from thewindow view and is getting less with water in the tank with the whale.
Jessestarts to panic and asks Randolph (Owner of the sealife centre) and thefoster parents for their help. The bad guys hear about this and goes afterjesse and the whale, it all ends when the whale is free and is told to gofar away as possible and be a free whale, the whale jumps over the rocks andis back with it’s family.
Free Willy provides an exciting storyabout a troubled boy who befriends an orca whose situation is much likehis own.
Keikohad a life filled with traveling from one theme park to the other, andin a lot of ways he experienced much more that Willy did. James did a great job too acting asJesse, and gave the perfect image of a young boy who has lived on thestreets.
You’re infor a real treat and a good time, so go to the video store, rent it orbuy it, kick back with someone close to you, and watch it. Jesse,roughened from his abandonment and time on the streets, and Willy,kidnapped and separated from his family are the duo. It is a greatstory, and a wonderful film.It is so rare, that of all the movies and books and media that I haveconsumed in my 25 years of life, I can only think of one other storythat has this same type of magical quality (The Secret Garden). Thismovie is also great for environmental reasons, and as an avid watcherof Captain Planet, I fell in love with this movie when I was a child.As an adult, I have an annual pass to Seaworld, and I love killerwhales. This film will make you think of what it would be like tohave the bestest friend you could ever have. The pair start tobond and Jesse starts to train with Willy for a show to get him abigger tank.

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