There are many apps out there for you, but getting by free and good ones is not that easy. DevHub is your place to create on the Web with no hosting hassle, guided site-editing, money-making tools, social features integrated, and a whole lot of fun mixed in. The Webs site builder provides everything you need to get your business online which is a wide variety of customizable templates, and engaging features like blogs, photos, videos, forums and more. You can create free website, pages, sell online, send newsletters, and blog online with GetShopped.
Worth checking it out for free if you’re looking for an alternative to the above options. I have tried Wix and its pretty amazing though I need it more clean but I need to pay so that I can remove the links and ads to make it more professional but so far it is great.. Using an automotive analogy, Wix is definitely the Volkswagen of the website builder industry.
Wix has made sure that the entire process of creating own website is as easy as could possibly be – you will never be asked to install anything or read a manual, the wizard takes you through all the necessary steps and does all the “dirty work” in the background.
The settings panel offers essential options for customizing your website’s mechanics; the range of adjustable settings could be wider – but then again, this might be a positive thing given the target audience of Wix. Once your website is ready, all you need to do is hit “Save” and “Publish” – and the website will be up and running (do not forget to tick the “Allow search engines to find my website” option in the pop-up window before publishing!). Summing up, Wix is a simple to use, yet powerful all-in-one solution for individuals as well as small and medium enterprises which value their time and want to be in control of every detail of their website. License: Wix nao reivindica qualquer direito de propriedade intelectual sobre as Submissoes de Usuarios.
You can even do much of your image processing from within Wix, almost as if it had an integrated Photoshop feature. But things get a little more complicated if you decide to make drastic changes to your template.

For any small business it has now become essential to have at least some sort of web presence. If you don’t embrace the digital age in 2014 you are literally throwing away money as customers move increasingly online when searching for products, services and information.
At Tartan, we’re obsessed with getting people to make the move online but understand that in these troubled times many small business owners fear the costs involved. If you’re keen on upping your game there are a huge number of upgrades available at negligible cost. Taking out a free package from Yola will give you 5 websites instead of the more common single site, it’s uniquely banner-free hosting, with quality customer support, build-in website statistic and 1GB storage per site. Wix is an online editor with a drag and drop interface that lets you learn how to make a website without the need to bother with any code or web programming. With it’s simple drag and drop tools you can have your new website up and running in no time. This is perfect for any new or existing business that wants to sell products or services online. The free options simply don’t provide all the times what is needed.Not long ago I tried Wix and its pretty amazing though.
It is the most widely-used provider of integrated site creation solutions, with millions of active users. However, the really good news for those who do not want to spend weeks familiarizing themselves with the technicalities of web design and coding is the Wix’ online website editor.
You'll quickly move into complicated website territory as you work with a series of Pages and Mini Pages, nested in layers inside each other (a little like PowerPoint).
Getting a free website from Moonfruit consists of a single website with a maximum of 15 pages on a second level domain, with 20MB of storage and 1GB bandwidth. Not unlike Germany’s affordable car manufacturer, Wix caters primarily to the immense “mass-market”, i.e.

In principle, the “Unlimited” plan is more than enough for most small and medium websites, and it contains a $125 free advertising coupon, which is a great bonus.
Once you select a template, things really kick off as the editor opens to full screen (see screenshot). This can make it increasingly difficult to keep an eye the big-picture view of your website.
There is no customer support for free sites and as with other free website builders, you get adverts.
Furthermore the number of products you are able to offer in your free online store are limited to 10.
Add pictures, text, contact forms, Google maps, social network icons and links, music, video files and more, in just a few simple clicks. If you do not expect intensive traffic to your website (less than 1000 users per month), it might be worthwhile considering the “Combo” plan, which has a 1 Gb per month limit on bandwidth usage.
You're then free to edit the template's image, text and color until you have your website looking just right. You can also upload your own content, to add your own photos, animation files, text and more. The templates are clean and simple, and allow for unlimited customization (but we’ll get to that).

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